Yes, it’s Long Distance

Being in a long-distance relationship kinda sucks. It’s bad enough having my own depressing doubts without feeling scrutinized by other people as well.

“So you’ve never met each other, then?”

No, we haven’t. I know it isn’t traditional. Does that mean it’s not important? That it doesn’t matter? Just because we haven’t met yet, doesn’t mean we never will.

We haven’t physically met, but that doesn’t mean we’ve not seen each other, heard each other, or even had a level of physical intimacy, albeit not in person. This is 2016; we’re long past the days of dial-up Internet.

“You can’t really love somebody you’ve never met.”

You absolutely can. You can develop a strong connection with anything. If Raj from Big Bang Theory can fall in love with Siri, then I can fall in love with a wonderful woman in another country.

While it’s not all Sleepless in Seattle, it can and does sometimes work.

“You don’t even know each other.”

You try talking to someone to whom you find yourself getting closer and closer, almost daily, for a year, and tell me you don’t know them. When you go through stuff in life together, talking about all sorts, of course you learn plenty about one another.

I’m not delusional. I’ve battled this beast before. I know there are things that come up if we do finally meet and end up living together. That, however, doesn’t make what we’ve experienced inconsequential.

Since the physical side of things is mostly not possible, you’re left with a chance for a rich, vibrant line of communication that even many married couples don’t have. I’d rather that, than a relationship based entirely on sex; a relationship in which we never truly connect.

“She could be a nutcase for all you know.”

So could you.

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Auntie Flo

I woke up this morning, reached for my phone, and found myself looking through videos on YouTube, because that’s what any self-respecting person would do in the morning, right?

I happened across a video about periods. A woman in the video stated the guy should “man up” in order to have sex with her while she’s menstruating, regardless of whether he wants to or not. Sure, because not wanting sex with you must mean I’m not enough of a man—I’m not a fucktoy.

Surely y’all can understand why some people have a gripe with some of those so-called feminists when that’s the sort of hypocritical rubbish we have to put up with. I’m truly thankful not all women think this way.

I was ticked off, as were many other viewers, both male and female.

I do wonder why so many guys are weirded out by periods, though. Is it immaturity? Misinformation? Discomfort around blood? Fear the vagina will bite their dick off?

OK, so Auntie Flo is not exactly something I’d care to study at great lengths, but if you were to bring up the topic, I’m not gonna reach for my handy-dandy barf bag.

It’s just nature.

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