Connection Established

They get your jokes, and you get theirs. You slip up, blurting out nonsense, but it’s alright; they get the idea.

You become addicted to that giggle; the melody that puts a wide, aching smile on your face. You’re left with an ulcer on your cheek from smiling too much. You’ve even got pains in your gut from laughing so hard.

They share the majority of your thoughts and feelings. You have all these views and beliefs; some are far off, or just bat-shit crazy, but they understand; they get you.

You chuckle reminiscing over the silly conversations you’ve had; people looking at you with a confused expression on their face. What’s so funny?

You recall the serious topics, the laughter, and the many smiles. The hours spent rambling about everything, but sometimes merely nothing; the gentle hush.

They make you feel special; you matter.

The flip side. You only have the wires; the connection is strong, but the line is weak; stretched too far.

You’re being a defeatist; pessimist or realist? You await the collapse of that which has scarcely begun.

Maybe you should stop over-thinking, but the fear is loud. You’ve been there before; you had that pain. You experienced that allusive embrace, with the kiss and caress you cooked up in your mind.

One day it happened: you met and your wires tentatively collided; they gathered and tangled, but the pit in your stomach was the imminent end.

The conclusion came and went, leaving you broken and confused; untold chapters of a shapeless love story. Where’s the outcome I wanted at the start?

You tread too carefully and you reflect on the past; you’re worried what happened will pull the new wires apart.

Now you’re left seeking faults, but they just feel like excuses.

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