Swatting is All the Rage

What’s swatting? It’s when a pathetic piece of human waste uses someone’s personal details to call the police, as a prank, then make up horrendous crap, sometimes causing a SWAT team to be sent out to the person’s house, in all their brute, heavily armed force.

Just picture a young child happily playing a game like Call of Duty with his friends and streaming over Twitch when suddenly he hears banging on the door and angry shouting, shortly before a group of well-armed men charge into his bedroom and point loaded weapons at him; he got “swatted.”

I had no idea this was actually a thing; that those silly little trolls hiding behind their computer screens are actually weak enough to bring it to the real world in which children are at high risk of getting a bullet to the head, same goes for the families in general, and even animals such as dogs. What if a SWAT team decides a dog might be a threat because it’s defending its owner? Well, that’s a bullet to the little dog’s heart. Goodbye Dogmeat. Therapy for the traumatised family.

This has to stop—It’s absurd that it even got to this point.

Here is a YouTube video of Koopatroopa787 telling the public about his story of when 10 police officers came knocking on his door and ended up pointing several AR rifles at his family, including a little 10-year-old boy, his brother, all thanks to some malicious nobody behind a keyboard.

People need to know, for the safety of their families and themselves. Be very careful what you share with strangers online. Do you stream on Twitch? Make sure you’re safe about it. Be very wary with whom you share your address, your phone number, and even your IP. In-fact, if you’re a particularly big name, you may wish to follow in the steps of YouTube sensation, boogie2988, who also has some solid words to share on the matter.

On the bright side, one such swatter, Brandon Wilson, also known as Famed God (I know, could that sound any more pretentious?) aged 19, is facing 5 years in prison for swatting, and for making financial threats towards his victim’s banking and social security account, as well as saying that he would put the poor person’s father “in dept for life.” Brandon’s charges are known as follows:

  • Two counts of computer tampering.
  • One count of intimidation.
  • One count of identity theft.
  • One count of disorderly conduct.

Apparently, “3 other states are looking at this guy and may throw additional charges his way,” says Richard Masucci. Justice is wonderful, but it is a shame a mere 19-year-old lad, barely a man, is so messed up that he could do something so horrible.

TwT doesn’t even remotely have enough readers to massively help with the awareness of such a grave issue, but every little helps, right? Please share this post with your friends and family so that I’ll have at least done my part in raising awareness and hopefully deterring would-be “swatters.”

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3 Movies that Blew Me Away

I love movies and have done for as long as I can remember. Go back far enough and you have my dad amassing a huge collection of VHS tapes that were all stacked and lined up on shelving units in our old living room—good times. Now we’re in the age of streamed media and blu-ray discs!

I’d like to share with you, in no particular order, some of my favorite movies that blew me away:


You’ll think twice before hopping into a coffin while still alive, thanks to the 2010 movie written by Chris Sparling and directed by Rodrigo Cortés.

Very few movies can make me feel as helpless like Buried does. I’ve never really had a fear of being 6ft under and having not yet actually kicked the bucket, although it is of course a scary thought. This movie, however, introduces such a fear and it does it somewhat obnoxiously, in a good way! I love it so much that I’m actually watching it again, right now.

Buried doesn’t mess around at all, getting straight into the action, or at least as much action as a guy, played by Ryan Reynolds, trapped in a wooden box with little else but a phone, an empty wallet, a lighter, a small drinking flask, and some coins. The first think to do? Ring for help of course!

When I first heard about Buried, I was curious as to how it would come together. I wondered how the camera would manage to capture all the action without feeling too restricted and clumsy. Somehow, it just all works and boy is it claustrophobic and tense as hell!

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

A heart-tugging 2012 film written and directed by Lorene Scafaria. Don’t be too surprised if, after watching the movie, you end up searching for a friend, just in-case it all ends.

I’m embarrassed to say it, but this flick actually managed to bring a tear to my eyes. The looming doom of an asteroid threatening to end it all, the constant sense of finality, and the bittersweet carrot dangling in-front of my face as I hoped the hopeless couple would just get together already! I couldn’t not love it.

I’m a big fan of survival stories, particularly those focused around the end of the world or even after the end of the world, or at least the world as we know it. Just part of the human morbid curiosity! Although I feel that Seeking a Friend for the End of the World isn’t quite a survival movie, such as the famous 2000 Tom Hanks movie, Cast Away, written by William Broyles Jr. I found myself being drawn into a movie less about surviving and more about calling it quits but finding some happiness before the inevitable demise.

Unsurprisingly, I found that Keira Knightley did a smashing job and looked gorgeous in the process, paired up surprisingly well with Steve Carell‘s deadpan humor.


The first time I watched the 2014 film, Interstellar, my jaw was practically on the floor almost the entire time, particularly when it started kicking into gear. Directed by Christopher Nolan and written by both Christopher and Jonathan Nolan.

Matthew McConaughey managed a pretty stellar performance (OK, that joke is probably done just about everywhere else) and to be honest, I think everyone did a fantastic job. I was so blown away by Interstellar that, if I recall correctly, after the film, I immediately went onto YouTube and other sites in search of people’s theories about the movie and how it might compare to reality.

Being a Sci-Fi fan, it came as no surprise that Interstellar would be one of my favorite movies of all space and time, despite the arguably overused guy steps up to save the world trope.

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I’ve Just Discovered Alan Walker

I’ll show you my favorite track from this 18-year-old Norwegian producer, partly because you may get too tired after so many eargasms.

Showing tons of support with over 7.8 million views in this one track alone, albeit via nocopyrightsounds‘ channel, you can’t deny Alan has talent. I hope to see his music evolve as he gets older and develops new musical skills.

I also recommend that you check out his track called Fade as it has almost 29 million views within roughly just the one year!

“Yes you can use my music for free, just make sure you give me credit in the description.” – Alan

You can find Alan Walker’s own YouTube channel by clicking this link, and you can even E-Mail him at djwalkzz@gmail.com.

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It’s German Music

“A thousand languages; one message” – Der Graf [wir sind alle wie eins]

So, I’ve gone on about Unheilig in German, given you a basic idea about the band, but it’s not enough. I’ve become such a big fan of der Graf and his music that I just have to go on about him some more. Call me obsessed, … but that’s not my name, so don’t?

Der Graf, they call him; I don’t know exactly why, only that der Graf keeps his identity withheld from the general public, I assume because he doesn’t want the fame 24/7, but I have to wonder how he handles people seeing him in the street. I for one would weep like a little girly if I saw him. I’d squee: “Ich bin dein bester Fan!” – don’t worry, I totally wouldn’t do or say that—probably. Back to reality: der Graf was called something or other in the tabloids and the name given was cut short by the fans simply as, “der Graf,” and I still don’t understand what it means; I can’t seem to find anything on it through the standard sources, so I may have to do some asking around to ascertain its true meaning.

Der Graf stuttered as a child, and I believe people would tell him that he wouldn’t be able to one day have a job involving public speaking or something along those lines—hah, now look at him; admirable. Despite the stutter, he pushed forward and made a name for himself.

I watched an interview of der Graf and tried my hardest to understand everything, but I couldn’t keep up. What I could however learn is very interesting to me. I learned that he put a close on Unheilig because he felt there wasn’t much more to sing about, and first and foremost, although he has his fans, his top priority is his family. Der Graf said he hopes the fans understand. He explained that when he was with Unheilig, he’d often not be all there as he’d always be thinking up the “next song.” I guess he felt like it was time to leave, when it’s “at the best,” to roughly translate what he sings in the fantastic farewell song called Zeit zu gehen that was released for the fans.

Unheilig has some beautiful songs that are deep, meaningful, heart-warming, and sometimes a little sad; every aching heartbeat is entirely worth the warm, classy, and sincere performance. I’m so pleased that Unheilig can be found on YouTube, because without that ability I would never have stumbled across him or his music. Listening to so wie du warst several times over for a few days really engaged me with regards to the language and really helped me feel connected, as though they were more than just words I had to learn; they were feelings I were to understand. To not have experienced this would have been quite the shame.

“You see me with closed eyes; you would lose yourself in my world” – Glasperlenspiel [ich bin ich]

It’s not all about Unheilig, though, although it is first and foremost my favorite of all the German music I so far have heard. I introduce to you a couple calling themselves and their music Glasperlenspiel. I know nothing about them, as I’m not a big-time fan or anything, I just really enjoy listening to nie vergessen and ich bin ich, the two I heard shortly after discovering Unheilig‘s so wie du warst and probably stark.

I was speaking to a young friend over the Internet, earlier. I showed him a few music videos and started to talk about German music—naturally, I went on about Unheilig in a similar repetitive manner as Peter Griffin’s Bird is the Word record; yes, I went there. This friend exclaimed that it’s “like American pop music but German,” to which I professed, “No!” Shortly thereafter I lectured him on the history of pop, laid out fantastical graphics and gave him all the statistics necessary in order that he come to the logical conclusion that German music is largely superior due to many reasons far too complicated for me to explain—I may be ever so slightly full of shit right now. In reality, I explained that I felt German music has more “heart” to it; more feeling. While this might well not be the case with all German music, and I’m sure it isn’t, I think it must be true for many.

I do feel that Germans are more feeling-orientated people, and that may just be in my head, but the conversations I’ve had with Germans have often felt very sincere, even if they were in an unpleasant manner, there was occasionally a level of bluntness there and sincerity I don’t always get from my English-speaking brethren. Perhaps it’s just appreciating different words, those of which have opened me up to new ways of thinking about how I communicate with others.

“nobody needs to save me anymore; you’ve already done that.” – Sido [einer dieser Steine]

I recently stumbled across a grand climax of epicness that is einer dieser Steine, a gentler rap tune by Sido, featuring Mark Forster who sings the chorus, leaving Sido the verses. It truly blew me away and may well end up being one of my favorite tracks for a long time, at least of the German variety.

I’m not entirely sure what the score is with Sido. I did a little trawling through the interwebs and it seems he used to be your typical gangsta-wannabe rapper—sorry, Sido! But something seems to have changed. I’m not sure if this is right. I checked out a track called Bilder im Kopf that actually also blew me away but was incredibly difficult to understand; the hardest song I’ve tried to understand because it’s so fast and so heavily colloquial, but damn is it cool. I just get this feeling of awesomeness when I hear that song. The thing is, Bilder im Kopf is quite an old track—at least 3 years old—so I’m guessing either that counts as his “newer stuff” or he was simply not as bad as the person whose comments I read online said.

I get the feeling that although Sido is a bit of a lad, he’s still just a regular human being who feels and has bonafide experiences, just like the rest of us. I don’t get the impression of some pimped-up wannabe banging on about his bitches and crack, or about how ‘ard he is, yo. It’s my first real taste of German rap, and so far me likey, assuming it’s all like this, which I sincerely doubt.

I’m sure I will stumble across plenty more German musics in due time, and I’m further sure that I will find them awe-inspiring all the same.

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Amy Schumer Fascinates Me

Typical British weather is on the go. It’s dark out there, the rain is falling, and the wind is howling. I think I may have even heard a rumble. So, since I’m stuck indoors, I’m left to ponder—once again, taut with thought.

I don’t know why, but this Amy Schumer intrigues me. Not only is she funny, but she’s smart, ballsy, and gorgeous. I’ve been watching her standup comedy stuff on the YouTube channels that share this stuff—I know, shame on me—and she just baffles me!

Apparently there’s a lot of guys who can’t decide whether she’s sexy or not. This came up on a radio show with Howard Stern, as he interviewed Amy Schumer in 2012, and posed the question: Is it OK to find Amy Schumer sexy? A ridiculous question, but I can’t help but to follow on. I can’t see anything inherently wrong with it, unless she’s a family member of yours, or we find out she’s hiding her prepubescence rather well!

“You’re one of the girls who everybody can’t figure out if she’s sexy or not,” Howard explains to Amy. To state the obvious, he points out that it’s “insulting, in a way.”

I think it’s amusing that Amy can just flick all that off and say, “that is so interesting.” Before Amy said that, as Howard was explaining about how he (and other guys) find her “sexy” but don’t know how they feel about it, she had an expression that made me feel as though she reveled in it. I don’t think Amy’s all that offended, or if she is, she’s hiding it well, because you know what? She was bullied at school, perhaps throughout her entire younger life, and now she’s this hot, charming figure that has apparently been every which way possible, gladly referring to herself as a “monogamous slut,” during the interview—I think Amy loves the attention.

Amy Schumer

In a way, Amy is showing us that those women—the “regular women” who don’t look like they came straight out of a Play Boy magazine—can be a hot commodity, too. Amy might well be somewhat of a role model to other women out there who feel like they are underappreciated, visually, simply because they don’t meet that impossibly perfect criteria we get slapped across out faces by the media. Amy isn’t super skinny, she doesn’t have enormous breasts, and whatever else us men look for these days, but she uses what she has, and she uses it well.

Amy doesn’t seem to hide who she is, either. During the interview, Howard asked her whether she has any cellulite, an unusually personal question, but then he was not long asking her very personal, sexual questions. Amy replied honestly, saying that she does have some, but that it isn’t, “gross.”

Something Amy said really made me think, because honestly—hand up high—I am totally guilty of this. Howard was explaining to Amy that he was unsure about a dress she wore a while back for a show she did, given that it was rather, … appealing, shall we say; she looked fantastic and showed plenty of skin. This is what Amy had to say:

Because people see a female comedian, and they’re just like, yawn, and what else is on. Uh, but they see a chick—that’s kind of interesting to look at, and you see some skin, and at least you’ll stay tuned and listen to what she has to say, and then win them over. That’s my total thought process.

This is valuable, guys, because look what we’re doing to women, without even realising it. I’ve always thought of myself as the sort of guy who doesn’t drag his knuckles around everywhere, but it’s how she dressed and her overall looks that drew me in, followed by the stuff that’s actually important on a deeper level. Guilty! On the other hand, I’m sure women do the very same thing with us.

I’m looking forward to seeing how Amy’s career evolves over the years.

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My Take on the YouTube Channel: Vsauce

“And as always, thanks for watching.” – Michael

Hosted and created by none other than Michael Stevens, this mind-blowing, educational channel of wonder and discovery has captivated me since the very first video I ever done seen. Vsauce, one of three holding this name, (Vsauce, Vsauce2, and Vsauce3) has a subtle yet amusing tone, and an intellectual ooze that is neither pretentious nor arrogant. As of May 2015, Vsauce, created during the Summer of 2010, boasts almost nine-million subscribers and over eight-hundred-million total views—outstanding!

An image taken from the video, Mistakes, while Michael explains that the history of science is a

I have found Vsauce easy to follow, mostly as a result of Michael’s wonderful explanations and amusing or intriguing digressions that he uses to capture the minds of all sorts of people who might otherwise drift off. I find Michael to be a very talented public speaker and a glaringly charismatic man. The way Michael interacts with the camera is an art-form in itself; he draws you in to the mystery and wonder, with engaging body language and consistently clear speech that ensures you stay focused.

It’s not all about the in-your-face content, either. The music, “except for BiDiPi and some of Vsauce’s older videos,” Wiki explains, has always, “been composed by Jake Chudnow,” and is absolutely fantastic, without being too distracting. One of the “most recognizable pieces” of Jake’s music is Moon Men, which is often played in the background of Vsauce, whenever something particularly  profound or mind-boggling arises.

Michael explains what vicarious embarrassment is.

Vsauce has tackled some fascinating subjects, such as, “The Science of Awkwardness,” prefacing this video with this one, totally on-point question: “But what is awkwardness, why is it good, and who is—the main character of the universe?” I was particularly taken back by Dord, a video in which Michael begins by teaching us that Dord “was an accidental word for 13 years,” after which it had its “wordship revoked.” It doesn’t matter what Michael talks about, he always seems to find a way to suck me in.

Michael frequently offers up rhetorical questions that prompt the viewer’s imagination into action. Clearly knowing his stuff, Michael lays down the skills of persuasion thick, as Vsauce endeavors to grab your attention, hoping to get you thinking, to get you interested, and more importantly, to get you coming back for more!

DA FOREST – an excellent way to be mindful of what’s important when working a speech,  consisting of: Direct address, Alliteration, Facts, Opinions, Rhetorical questions, Emotive language, Statistics, and Trippling, all of which Michael uses very well. It’s easy to see why Vsauce is so popular, with its masterful speeches, fantastic music, and thought-provoking questions.

If you love to learn about new, wonderful things, Vsauce is the channel for you, but be warned, it’s addictive!

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