Another Layout

Yep, it’s time for a change again. Like last time, I feel it’d be good for the blog to have a face lift; something that’s easier to read.

I noticed that TwT was terrible on mobile devices with the previous layout, so I switched things around and I think I’m quite pleased with the current look.

I’m also pleased for the banner to make a comeback.

I haven’t been posting a great deal compared to a little while back, and I’m losing confidence in the blog, but I’ll endeavor not to give up on it—there are enough blogs buried in Internet graveyards as it is.

The main issue I have is feeling as though so few people read it, therefore why bother? However, there are some of you out there, plus a decent number of shares at times, and I am grateful for such support.

Hope y’all dig the changes.

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Should I Start Podcasting?

What if I were to record myself saying this stuff so you could hear my oh-so-wonderful British voice in action? Akin to a podcast.

In order to comfortably record myself reading my blog entries or just talking on-the-fly, I’d need two things: privacy and a quality condenser microphone.

Unfortunately, privacy is not something I’ll get much of until I move out of shared accommodation, so this idea isn’t something that could come to fruition just yet, but perhaps the middle of 2016. Given the nature of some of the topics I talk about on this blog, I feel privacy is absolutely a concern.

I’ve been looking into buying the Blue Microphones 2070 Yeti Blackout Tri-Capsule USB Microphone, but it isn’t cheap, at least not for my frugal arse. The microphone, as you can see if you click the link, is currently £99.99 which comes to $153.25 if you use the USD. I’d also probably need a pop filter, which would cost a further £11.99.

I’d like to know whether you think this is a good idea. Would you perhaps actually  like to hear me chatting away, rather than you having to always read the text within my blog entries?

Since I’d be able to talk without reading what would essentially be a script, what sort of things, if anything, would you find interesting for me to freely talk about?

Myself, I quite like the idea of a question and answer setup; I read questions in the comment section of the previous blog entry, then answer them in the next blog entry. I’d prefer to have more readers who commented in order to not run out of questions to answer or topics to talk about as per your suggestions, so perhaps it’s just as well that this may come at a later date.

I must admit, the theme I would very much want to talk about would be what I’ve categorised as Life, in particular, mental health issues I’m familiar with, such as anxiety, OCD, and depression, and things that go on in my life.

I think it’d be good to get some feedback on this idea early, so I’ve got a plan of action, should the time come, and of course to avoid a potentially wasted investment.

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Why the layout overhaul?

I want to occasionally give you guys an update as to what’s going on with the blog, rather than just typing out the usual weirdness.

Today, I finally decided to ditch the previous layout, but rather than just doing that and saying nothing, I wanted to share with you why I did it.

  • The new layout has much bigger text, which may help those with bad eyesight, or reading from further away, whilst also having what I feel to be more presence.
  • The lack of a banner is a shame, especially as I did design the previous one, despite how simple it was to make. In order to have a banner back, it would be gigantic, and to fix that, it becomes a matter of coin.
  • The previous layout was absolutely rubbish for mobile devices, as I’m sure some of you have noticed. I’m aware of at least one reader—you know how you are—who uses such a device, and so I feel it’s important for content to be as accessible as possible.
  • I get to actually give you some neat little features on the left side of the page. Finally you guys can see the 10 most recent posts, search for specific content in TwT, and various other bits and bobs.
  • The comment section looks far better, ‘though I can’t quite describe why. I suppose it looks more organised, and less like it was thrown together in 5 minutes. What do you think?

I hope you are liking TwT. If you have any suggestions or questions, please let me know in the comments below, by contacting me on Twitter, or by messaging me at TwT’s E-Mail address, I know, Hotmail—so original!

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TwT Gets Some Changes

I thought it was about time I added a way in which you guys can privately message me, for those who don’t fancy leaving comments—I know there are people out there who aren’t so public and like to sneak about in the shadows.

I repurposed an old, empty Twitter account I never bothered to use, and slapped a new lick of paint on it, although at some point I will work on that blurry banner.

You are free to send me a private message on Twitter. At the bottom of every entry on TwT, you’ll find a bit of text letting you know you can keep up to date with TwT via Twitter. When a new post is out, I’ll let you know about it on Twitter so you don’t miss out. I’m also hoping this will bring in some people from the Twitterverse as well, because I’d love to get this blog out there more, as it’s still somewhat of a lurker.

If you would like to help, you could support TwT by sharing updates on Twitter, or even just following, should that take your fancy, assuming you are indeed already a Twitter user. At the end of the day, a blog is nothing without its readers.

I also added to the about me page and added a bit of color to the different categories of the blog entries. I hope they don’t confuse you!

If there are any changes you would personally like to see, do let me know.

Lastly, I just want to take the chance to thank those of you who have been supportive of TwT and friendly to boot. I’m also greatful for all the shares and particularly those of you who keep coming back, because you guys are all important!

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Brand New and Squeaky Clean

Almost half one in the morning is absolutely a solid time to begin a project, right? Of course!

My name is JoeBlogs; well, no it isn’t, but it works just fine.

I’ve amassed rather a lot of thoughts within this big—but not too big—head of mine. I want to share with you the crazy, the happy, and the downright ridiculous nuggets of brain juice that gush out of every oraphice on my skull.

Read me loud and clear: there shall be ample amounts of brain juice!

I am entirely new to blogging, … well, that’s not “entirely” correct, as I have often typed gibberish out onto Facebook and other social sites. What? You meant to tell me that’s completely different? Guess I’m new after all.

So, enough of the unpleasantries—what sort of topics are you to expect from this blog?

  • You know, I’m only human, and as such, I feel emotions! I know, it’s truly remarkable, but with this power comes great responsibility, … to rant and vent like an angry keyboard warrior. I will likely brush upon some sensitive topics, and I apologise in advance if I offend you.
  • I’m somewhat into things of a computer nature, and have been for a great many years, so I will likely don my freaky geeky glasses, initiate Thuper Lithp mode, and begin to educate you fine people, occasionally getting some stuff wrong on the way.
  • I’ve been a guitarist for something like 13 years now, and so, there’s a pretty decent chance that I’ll blabber on about that side of things, eventually.
  • I do have some strong opinions about general things in life, including things like religion; there’s a good chance I’ll share these opinions once in a while!
  • German is my second language, and it’s quite the passion of mine! Don’t be surprised if you come across a blog entry of me talking about language learning, the German culture, how I’m progressing, and various other things.

Do make yourself feel comfy, have a drink by your side, perhaps some food, and get ready to enter the mind of TwT, for I doubt I’ll run out of things to blither and bleet on about. I will endeavor to post at least once a week.

Before I end this entry, I want to just apologise in advance for the ads. I loathe ads, but they are a requirement so long as I am doing this for free. If things pick up, which is my aim, then I’ll definitely consider paying for the bells and whistles, in order to make Taut with Thought look more professional—I hope you understand!

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