30 Years Old

Yesterday was my birthday, and it was an awesome one, but I was dreading it. It marked 30 years feeling like I’ve accomplished so littleโ€”I honestly thought I’d have done more with my life at this point.

I don’t feel too much like it’s all my fault for being this and that; it’s not. I can’t help having mental health problems. This is how I am and I’ve had to make the most of it, as do we all. It just sucks, that’s all.

It’s not all bad.

On the bright side, I have accomplished some things too, even if the majority of that is personal growth; learning about the world, people, and of course myself. I also worked a lot on my mental health, passed a part-time college course, sorted my finances, lived in supported housing for about 2 years, and eventually got a place of my own.

The last 10 years have admittedly been a clusterfuck, but I’m hoping the next decade will hold some awesome new experiences and life lessons.

In some ways, I certainly feel stronger.

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3 thoughts on “30 Years Old

  1. Happy Birthday! But don’t beat yourself up about the years that you have lost. Instead focus on the accomplishments you made. And besides if wasn’t for your 20 year old self looking for mental health treatment, you wouldn’t be able to account for all those things up till now.

    I use to myself beat myself about not being as accomplished as I hoped to be, but I don’t do it any more. Instead I clap myself on the back and now I look forward to being 30 myself. As the saying goes, “I may not where I want to be, but at least I am not where I use to be.” Once again, I wish you a happy, happy birthday!

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