Angry at Stupid People

I came across something just now that got me thinking—do you often feel yourself getting angry at people’s apparent stupidity? Maybe it’s time to reassess.

It could be that you are angry with people who are supposedly stupid because you value intelligence so highly. You might strive for what you consider intelligence. You may have been ridiculed for any moment of stupidity, thus making you insecure.

Are you particularly concerned with not being stupid? Do you believe that being stupid is inherently a bad thing? I’m sure there are many people with a low IQ in the world who can achieve and function in, as well as contribute to society.

Maybe by accepting that it’s okay for you to not be smart all the time, you’ll appreciate that it’s okay for other people not to be smart all the time as well.

Perhaps you have high expectations of yourself. Maybe it’s time to accept that it’s okay not to be perfect. You are in-fact not perfect, because a perfect human is impossible. Perfection is subjective. You might be perfect to me, and flawed to another.

Can you be stupid? I can be stupid. I bet even Stephen Hawking—with his IQ of 160—has had moments of stupidity, however few I’m sure those were! Stupid is an imaginary concept; it’s not real. You can’t touch stupid. You can’t pick up, hold, and physically use stupid. Stupid is an idea; a notion.

Is a retarded person “stupid” or is he or she simply there, existing? Maybe Einstein was stupid. Intelligence is, after all, a matter of perspective. I’m sure Stephen considers you as someone with very low intelligence; does that make you stupid? No, because stupid is subjective.

The next time someone says you’re stupid or clever, ask yourself if that is who you truly are in this world, or whether that is just that person’s idea of you. Now consider the people with whom you’re so angry as a result of what is effectively your imagination.

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