A Letter to My OCD

Dear OCD,

Many apologies for the long overdue letter, for I have been rather busy striving to pick up the pieces of my life that you sought to repeatedly smash. I hope I haven’t caused any inconvenience.

I’ve taken up cooking as somewhat of a new hobby. I’m very grateful for the skills I’m learning, since I’ve had plenty of free time as a result of the depression caused by your insufferable harassment—you always know best.

I fell in love again, unfortunately. What a woman she is. You were right to incessantly berate me, however. I successfully fought to fray what we had, though. I do sometimes forget that being happy is wrong, but fear not, your teachings once more saw me unravel it all. Thank you, my dear friend.

I wanted to go out to the shops today, but you rightly steered me onto the path of solidarity. I mistakenly thought I perhaps looked reasonable, but you had me obsess over the size of my pair of jeans—I’m very grateful for your wisdom.

These have been trying times. I owe all my trials and tribulations to you, comrade. You’ve shown me that I cannot trust people; everyone really is out to get me. I am unworthy and entirely useless. I will endeavor to convince myself there is absolutely no hope, with your sound guidance of course.

I hope you are not too swamped planning the many hurdles with which I’ve yet to struggle. I do so marvel at how you manage it all, and with such fervour—you really are very talented.

All my best.


Thank you Mental Health and Invisible Illness Resources for sharing this.

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