Where Do Men Stand?

At risk of losing a number of my lovely female readers…

I feel too much is expected of us. I’m sick of hearing how all these ladies always get the short end of the stick. It certainly used to be the case, but in this day and age, it often swings the other way.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m fully aware that I’ll be pushing the generalisations quite hard. I’m sorry if this annoys those who go against the grain like myself. I know not all men and women are like how I’ve described.

There are women who are apparently paid less, denied jobs, and given special treatment because of their gender; this irks me all the same, and I’m sorry for those who’ve been treated like that.

However, two wrongs don’t make a right. Just because some women aren’t treated fairly, doesn’t mean other men should in return be treated unfairly. I didn’t reduce your wages. I didn’t deny you that working position because you’re a woman. I wasn’t your abusive ex-husband. We’re not all like that, just as not all women are man-haters.

A man is obliged to pay for the date, or society says he’s cheap; a dick. A man must pay through his teeth for a ring, offering it to the woman in hopes that she’ll say yes to a life of fear of divorce love and security, after which yet another, far more expensive ring is required.

I know an amazing woman who genuinely gets annoyed by the whole diamond thing. “Blood diamonds!” She’ll say. If she were to marry, she’d want a gem, something that isn’t absurdly expensive; something that costs more in actual meaning than cash. Her ideal scenario? A gem she and her husband-to-be  found and mined themselves, together.

Her ideal wedding? Somewhere nice in the countryside, perhaps a forest, and near a stream; nothing OTT, but something natural, joined with only those closest to them.

What a woman.

So, you’re both on your date, both trying to see whether you two are compatible. Why is the guy expected to foot the entire bill? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting she pays for him—that would be weird—but by that same damn merit, it would be equally weird for him to pay for hers.

I consider it highly rude to expect someone to pay your way, least of all because of your gender. Rude and disrespectful. It also indicates that you expect the guy to make all the effort, while you just sit there and take, take, take.

The moment someone goes around expecting you to pay for them because society says so, I believe you should leave them the fuck alone because they don’t care about you nearly as much as they do your wallet or purse.

A happy wife is a happy life!

It seems to me that if the woman doesn’t get what she wants, it’s often game over, or at least a really rough ride, and not the fun kind that ends with cleanup and an awkward silence. Why does the woman automagically dictate when things are sufficient? Men have a voice too.

Man: “Darling, can we get a dog?”
Woman: “I don’t want a dog, so let’s compromise…”
Man: “We’re not getting a dog are we?”

I’m not saying women should do whatever the man wants, or that what she wants isn’t important, I’m saying that what both parties want is important. If we just did business like this, we’d be a right mess.

I get that you probably can’t always compromise. I understand things aren’t always so black and white, unless you’re a zebra of course. It’s just that, in my admittedly cynical way, most of what I see is inequality between the genders.

In my jumbled way, I feel frustrated, because I feel like my voice doesn’t matter. I blame the men who did exactly the same thing, and far worse, to women all those years ago—so what is this, revenge?

It’s outrageous that so many women out there preach feminism, while simultaneously beating men down. Equality? My arse. Women like that only seem to care about things being equal, when it suits them.

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2 thoughts on “Where Do Men Stand?

  1. This is the entire point of feminism. Men dont pay the bills and buy women expensive shit because its what women want, its because patriarchy defines men as the provider and protector. As long as patriarchy is still the norm and women are still oppressed, men will be too. That’s the absolute absurdity of patriarchy; nobody wins.

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    1. I think a LOT of women would want men to do that for them, to be honest. Too many self-entitled people in the world, both men and women, to be fair. Still, I find that to be a very fair point. I’m glad to go against the grain, even if it pisses people off and makes life harder for myself from time to time.

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