Stomp the Noisy Neighbour

I need a guide on how not to wrap your hands around someone’s neck then to squeeze until their sorry existence oozes from out of their wriggling, dying corpse.

But hey, I’m not evil or anything. I just can’t stand the ignorant fuckwit upstairs who thinks it’s a grand idea, at one o’clock in the morning, to stomp, bang, clang, and scrape his way around like a bloody backwards elephant, then to do the same all over again at half-seven a few hours later.

This brings me to two things I loathe very much:


Why is it so difficult for people to get out of their own fucking skull in order to consider those around them? Guess what, floppy cock, there’s over 7 billion other people on this planet and we—believe it or not—have thoughts and feelings just like you!

That includes feelings of abhorrence and thoughts of fixing them via your face, just in-case you were curious and perhaps particularly interested in self-preservation.

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