Staying Friends

I’ve noticed some people claiming a perfectly-decent friendship with their ex, sometimes even great; I have to wonder what their secret is, or whether they’re just full of crap.

Long after things were said and done with the woman from my first serious relationship, it occurred to me that we didn’t actually belong in each other’s lives anymore. The very same woman who is now married with a young child.

I just felt as though my being in her life was wrong; it was also screwing with my head, bringing up old memories and feelings I didn’t care to have.

Now I’m once again neck-deep into a situation in which I’m friends with an ex; a woman I care about a lot. How do I look past the closeness we once had?

Everything’s different now.

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4 thoughts on “Staying Friends

  1. In my opinion, I reckon it would be hard to be friends with an ex, not that I have any experience to go by on this lol, but I just reckon it’s best to close chapters and move on 🙂

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    1. I don’t want to lose her anymore than I already have. If we were somehow particularly incompatible even as friends, I’d do exactly that, but we get along well and have a laugh. Maybe it’s just early days. I don’t want to assume to know how she feels about me, but I’m gonna guess that she’s probably finding it difficult at times as well. Suppose it could be far worse, eh!


      1. Won’t it make it harder though? I had a friend in a similar situation – but they ended up going cold turkey because it was hurting him more to be friends with her. You never know, hopefully it will work out between you two! I hope it does 😊

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      2. Quite possibly, but I feel like saying goodbye now would do more damage. Besides, we’ve both had some pretty big life changes, so I think that support would help. Plus she’s amazing. As always, I appreciate your feedback. 🙂


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