Auntie Flo

I woke up this morning, reached for my phone, and found myself looking through videos on YouTube, because that’s what any self-respecting person would do in the morning, right?

I happened across a video about periods. A woman in the video stated the guy should “man up” in order to have sex with her while she’s menstruating, regardless of whether he wants to or not. Sure, because not wanting sex with you must mean I’m not enough of a man—I’m not a fucktoy.

Surely y’all can understand why some people have a gripe with some of those so-called feminists when that’s the sort of hypocritical rubbish we have to put up with. I’m truly thankful not all women think this way.

I was ticked off, as were many other viewers, both male and female.

I do wonder why so many guys are weirded out by periods, though. Is it immaturity? Misinformation? Discomfort around blood? Fear the vagina will bite their dick off?

OK, so Auntie Flo is not exactly something I’d care to study at great lengths, but if you were to bring up the topic, I’m not gonna reach for my handy-dandy barf bag.

It’s just nature.

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4 thoughts on “Auntie Flo

  1. First of _- Yea. That’s to openin’ question. I’m also “self-respectin'” and about feminism, most ladies are confused as to what that term truly means_ they just think its to hate men or step on their balls_ what about menstruation? Every guy @lest gets weird out by it, but that shouldn’t mean I’m afraid of it_ worst I could do is wear a condom before checkin’ in…

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    1. I have to say that you are 100% right my friend. I have seen ladies that actually think that feminism is about hating men, stepping on their balls and making their lives a living hell. They really have to do some research first.

      As to the condom before the checkin’ you are right about that too. I guess some guys just get scared about getting a little blood on their dicks and shit, then they start crying and calling their Mommy. But like you said, they do have the option to wear a condom. They are just big babies, they need to grow some balls… unless they were stepped on by a feminist. OH! I had to throw that one in there. LOL

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  2. I have to say, that I am the youngest of 7 kids and the only male. I grew up with a lot of women around me and their issues and I guess, since I had to buy them their Kotex many, many times, I got used to that shit. With me, it wasn’t a secret. I really thank them for that, because when I got married, I already knew about her period . Menstrual cramps? Now that was a totally different monster right there. This is so cool, guys talking about women’s period. LOL. Excellent post my friend.

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