Yes, I Have an Opinon

“having or showing dogged determination not to change one’s attitude or position on something, especially in spite of good reasons to do so.” – Google Search

I’m sick of being told how stubborn I am when someone¬†doesn’t agree with me. Oh, so you think x thing and I don’t? Well, I know how stubborn you are! Smiley face. Laugh out loud. Oh you, being stubborn again!

Maybe I’m just having an opinion of my own and not just switching over to your side of the fence every time you think I’m wrong. It’s not like I have my views for no reason. I absorb information and infer based on said information, just like you.

If I take in new information to challenge my opinion, then perhaps that opinion will change, but that doesn’t mean argue your point long after I’ve already agreed to disagree. If I’m so stubborn, then why are you trying so hard to change how I think and feel?

Sometimes I think about things in my own time, perhaps arriving at a different destination; why can’t people just let me do that, instead of pushing for an argument? There are many times I’ll go away and come to the conclusion I was wrong.

In-fact, I’m actually considering right now that I’m wrong about something, because you know what? It does actually happen! I’m fully aware that I don’t know everything.

I swear, if you’re decent about it, I will yield and put in the effort to be reasonable and open-minded, because more often than not, it honestly matters to me how other people feel about things, but if you’re aggressive and rude about it, then it’ll just get my back up.

“Stubborn people are driven by a resistance to being forced into doing or experiencing anything against their will.” – Mikey D at Feel Happiness

I shan’t lie, that fits me to a T. I have a problem with authority and I have a real issue with being forced to do anything against my will. For example, I dislike Valentine’s Day because I feel certain things are expected of me, when I would rather do them on my own terms. In my eyes, love and acts of love shouldn’t be an obligation.

I often don’t even want to argue about it, but sometimes people just have to really drill that damn point in, as though I somehow didn’t get the gist already. If I think one thing, and you think another, that’s because we have a difference of opinion.

When I start using phrases like, “I feel”, “I think”, and “in my opinion,” then that’s because I’m trying to tactfully let people know it’s only my view, so there’s no need to spend ages telling me why I’m wrong and you’re right.

Sometimes I try to just move on, by changing the subject, or even simply stating that we see things differently, at which point I’m often met with a snide remark, or awkward silence.

So, yes, I know I’m actually a stubborn person, but I feel like people throw that at me whenever they disagree with me, as if that somehow discounts everything I’ve said because, hey, I’m stubborn!

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