How I Feel about Police Officers

I got to thinking about police officers and how they may behave with civilians. In some places, POs have a bad reputation for abusing their power and bullying the innocent. Is it all bad?

If someone is unnecessarily impolite and aggressive to me, as I often see POs being in the media, then I would want to return in kind, special clothes or not. I really, really don’t like feeling threatened, pushed, or cornered at all. Who does?

That said, I tend to be tactful most of the time and would simply state why I don’t like whatever they’re doing, and that I won’t tolerate it, or words along those lines. If a PO doesn’t have the sense to realise that’s a fair, honest warning, then tough titties, I suppose. Afterall, I’m sure they want their job to go smoother.

Admittedly, I’ve always had a problem with authority—perhaps I got pushed around too much as a kid—but I also have a problem with people not respecting the outfit but instead using it to bully people around.

I tend to be logical about things. If I screw up, it’s OK, and I understand why they would be a certain way (to a point) however, if I’ve done nothing at all wrong, then that changes things. If I’ve done nothing wrong, I reserve the right to stand my ground, as I fully believe we all should. Then again, I guess it’s not all black and white.

With that in mind, the dealings I’ve had with the UK police over the years (mostly helping others) have been pretty good. Some have been friendly and tactful, so I respect their approach. As a result, I was very cooperative and respectful.

I don’t tend to even put myself in situations in which I would need to be treated aggressively, so that’s a plus. I’m usually a very careful and honest person.

I think the media tends to portray POs as nasty, vindictive bullies on a power-trip, but in actuality, there are some really good coppers out there.

I used to want to be an officer, but maybe I have the wrong mindset.

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