Independent Living #2

Dealing with somewhat of a breakup is no blast, but dealing with that while living alone seems entirely different to me. I’m stuck alone, at home, with my own thoughts and feelings; I don’t like it.

Thankfully, I now have that EE broadband connection I mentioned in the previous entry. It’s good, at least for the money I’m paying. I’m getting up to roughly 900KBps download and 120KBps upload. As before, all I’m paying is £18 a month, which includes both the phone line and the broadband—pretty nifty, me thinks.

I’m very proud of myself for sorting out the gas and electric bills all by myself. I rang up Southern Electric and talked to a Scottish guy who walked me through everything. Wiki says: “Southern Electric is one of the biggest energy companies in the UK” If you’re curious.

My gas bill is £24 a month, and my electricity bill is £16 a month. That’s £480 a year, which definitely floats my boat. In time, I might be able to lower that, but I’m not too fussed because apparently I can get back any amount I overpay, or stay in credit for those colder days.

I finally got a cooker, fridge-freezer combo, and washing machine for just £540, but due to a grant I was lucky enough to get, all I really had to pay was the £40. They were delivered and installed for me, so I didn’t have to do anything but wait.

I have had one problem with the washing machine, but it’s really just the noise. The walls and floors here aren’t too grand, so if I run the washing machine at full RPM (rotations per minute) it goes ballistic, as though it’s trying to take off!

The first time I used the washing machine at 1600RPM, it rumbled the whole damn place so badly I was genuinely concerned about the woman living below me. Not too surprisingly, the same issue goes for upstairs.

Luckily, I tried a “mixed” setting today, which goes at 50 degrees, at 800RPM as opposed to 1600RPM for 60 degrees. Although it was still noisy, it was absolutely quieter and not that rumbly, so I consider that a success.

It’s an absolute joy having the whole fridge to myself, and not having to worry about someone stealing my food. I don’t have to cram my shopping into one sodding shelf; it’s such a relief.

I’ll get there eventually, it’s just going to take a little while longer.

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