Independent Living #1

This post was typed up a few days ago, when I had no Internet connection:

In the first 3 days I blew what was for me a sizeable chunk of dosh in getting sorted for the new place, buying carpets, household necessities, including some other handy bits and bobs. I have the money, thanks to liberal saving, so it could of course be worse.

I’ve had an issue getting to the bank to sort out some finance issues, because I haven’t the foggiest how to GET there within this new town. I believe I’m quite a bit away from the town center.

Each and every time I go to get things sorted, I get distracted by other things or I just end up getting there too late, like today! So frustrating. Dubstep, however, is mending my wounds.

Another issue is getting the Internet sorted so I can manage the address change and my bank accounts from that angle, which is very, very preferable regarding my social anxiety. I struggle going to the bank, most likely because I have to actually interact with other human beings—gosh!

I looked online and found EE are still doing their £18 or so Internet via phone line deal (up to 18Mb, I believe) so I went into my old town with my dad today and got a confirmation on this deal, plus I was told I likely wouldn’t have to pay any installation fee since this place already has a phone line. If they decide to charge for the router, I just so happen to have my old EE router as well! Bonus.

Now that the old place is sorted, cleared out and cleaned up for the next person, I have slightly more things over in this place. I have all my exercise equipment except what’s still sitting in my old bedroom at my dad’s house, but that will come in due time.

I’m still awaiting a charity organisation to freely find and deliver a black, leather, 3-seater sofa. I’m looking forward to having somewhere comfortable to sit aside from this damn computer chair, fine and dandy as it may be. I intend in getting a “throw” for the sofa so it’ll be a little more inviting than just the leather itself.

This flat is on the first floor (just above ground level) so I have to be mindful of downstairs should I workout, or whenever I do just about anything, for that matter. Unfortunately, I do hear the odd stomp from upstairs, but it’s mostly pretty quiet here. The only real issue I have, is that the stomping tends to get my anxiety up; I’m just trying to ignore it, but it’s very distracting.

Overwhelmed by everything, I decided to just walk towards my old town, remembering from looking at Google Maps that the journey is between 1 and 2 hours on foot. I was relying on road signs to get me about, otherwise I wouldn’t have had a clue!

It was actually nice to go on a walk again, even if I was only out for an hour, I was pleased to have done it once I got back home. The sun was out and I was walking past a lot of nice fields, which warranted a good few pictures. England isn’t overly spectacular for its countryside, but I’ll take what I can get!

I think, all things considered, I’ve taken the move relatively well and I’m starting to feel like I’m once again getting a grip on things, but it is still quite overwhelming.

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