Mind the Supported Housing #9

It’s been a fun ride, but this will be the last entry within this section, because I am now finally no longer in supported housing, although I am still technically getting help from my support worker for 4-6 weeks after which I’ll move onto another supportive organisation for up to 2 years.

My current support worker is a lovely woman who does a fab job at making sure I’ve got things in check. I ran into issues with my flatmate who was, once again, messy and discourteous, but she, like everyone before her, is a thing of the past.

All hell broke loose when I suddenly got a call early on the 17th (my lucky number, as it so happens!) from a local Social Housing Provider who told me a place was available: a 1-bedroom flat in a town mostly unfamiliar to me. I was excited, having eagerly and anxiously awaited this moment for almost 2 years—my time finally arrived.

Although things haven’t been a cakewalk, they’ve gone surprisingly well, all things considered. My father has been fantastic in helping me get the carpets down and furniture moved; not sure what I would’ve done without him! My support worker was of course essential, but mostly on the paperwork side.

For anyone who has been reading these entries, I really am grateful that someone has taken the time to follow me on this journey. It’s been fun, arduous, and educational, but now is the time to move onto the next chapter!

If you would like to follow me into independent living, to see me crumble or succeed, then stay tuned and see what comes up!

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2 thoughts on “Mind the Supported Housing #9

  1. Best of Luck to you, I am glad you have a good support worker, as a former one that took it not as a job but as a way of life, it can be difficult to see the lows but awesome seeing the highs, your going to do great, fresh start, new day new you. well done your a hero.

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