I Love You

Damn, it’s impressive just how much power 3 little words can have. Heck, just 3 silly balls! Recently, the power of these special words got my ticker pumping, as my girlfriend told me how she really feels about me.

I’ll just be over here, scratching my head, trying to figure out why she hasn’t ran screaming for help. I’m obsessive, depressive, cynical, pessimistic, and probably hella moody, yet there she is, telling this tool right here that she loves me.

“Love is patient.” – she told me these words after I had a freak-out moment. She’s fantastic. I’m lucky. Do you know how I know she’s several cards short of a deck? Because apparently she loves me, and I can’t help but to think it takes a very special sort of woman to love a special sort of man like me, but regardless, she’s that way inclined.

Maybe I’m imagining it all. Maybe I just haven’t woken up yet. Maybe I’m in the Matrix. Maybe it’s Maybelline. Whatever the reason, I don’t think I’ll be complaining just yet.

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