The Day of the Mother

I haven’t seen my mother in something like 13 or 14 years. The last time I saw her, I remember signing a document that blocked me from money that was saved for me by my dad and presumably herself. If I’m honest, I’m not sure I want her money, I just want what my dad worked hard for; I hate the idea of it being in her hands.

Today’s Mother’s Day, as if you didn’t already know. Those of you on Facebook will have it shoved in your face—guess what, Facebook? Not everyone gives a fuck and some people don’t wish to celebrate an ignorant, selfish mother who apparently couldn’t care less about her kids, kicking one out and driving the other away. Pretty much alone now, mother dearest, just like your batty mother was—bravo!

I don’t want to celebrate a mother who emotionally bullied me as a child. I don’t want to cheer on a mother who was too selfish—worried about her own image—to just get me help for very obvious mental health issues I have. Thanks, mummy.

Yeah, she gave up waiting for me to contact her. Perhaps she thinks one day I’ll have kids and will then suddenly understand why kicking out your struggling son at the wee age of early teenhood, rather than getting him support and actually not perpetuating his struggles with your own bullshit, is acceptable. Well, I’m 29 years old, and if I don’t see it now, I’m not going to.

Oh no! I went through what almost every kid goes through, oh and I threw a sock at you! Shock horror. That’s definitely a sign to boot your kid out the door.

But hey, so long as she looks like the wounded soldier, right? It’s all about her image. She’s the mother that had to make the really difficult decision. Me? I’m just the idiot, psychopath son, ungrateful for her sacrifice.

It doesn’t matter how old I get, I never like today and I never like celebrating it. I do have a solid step-mother, one that probably thinks I’m an ungrateful dick for never showering her with gifts and a card on Mother’s Day.

Screw you, Mother’s Day, and thanks for reminding me I don’t have a normal mother who actually wants to be part of her son’s life, supporting and encouraging him, getting to know the person for who he is, and not for his mental health issues!

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