I’m Going Slightly Insane

I feel like I’m going nuts, crazy, bonkers, whacko, insane in the sodding membrane. I don’t know how I’m going to cope. I’m not coping. I’m on the brink of leaking, losing my temper; I just want to shout, scream, and hit things. I can only stay “strong” for so long; I’m human too.

I feel smothered by stress and it’s overwhelming. A frustrating flatmate, yet again. Another upcoming move, this time into a bare place, likely in an unknown town, that has to be done within 3-7 days. Anxiety issues getting much worse. I’ll avoid making a list, since that’ll not help me, but suffice it to say, figuratively speaking, things are scraping at my skull.

I strongly want to tell everything to piss off and leave me alone. I’m fed up. I’ve had enough. I have NO clue how I’m meant to handle this move out of supported housing if I can’t even handle what’s going on right now.

Luckily, on the proverbial bright side, I have a couple of people who’re offering to help, such as family and friends, so that’s something; without such help, I’d be in even more of a pickel.

There better be light at the end of this fuck-tunnel.

Thank you Mental Health and Invisible Illness Resources for sharing this.

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