I Feel

I’ve spent years trying to avoid, bury, ignore, and fight feelings. To me, emotions are scary, and I find them confusing and sometimes overwhelming.

Feel – we say that, as though we can glide our fingers over our hearts and sense the texture of what makes us tick. I guess because it’s sometimes so raw that we might as well have our hearts in our hands, feeling as it pulses and bleeds. I would rather feel this on the inside, away from prying eyes, than have it out in the open for all to see how weak I feel.

Today has been a crap day. Amongst the fluffy bunnies were nasty little goblins. I had a stab of emotion that I can only assume to be the past stalking me. I suppose you need to swing the door open to let someone in, but the catch? You also must hold it open to let stuff out.

It’s not just about opening up, but allowing someone to see what greets them.


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