Another Layout

Yep, it’s time for a change again. Like last time, I feel it’d be good for the blog to have a face lift; something that’s easier to read.

I noticed that TwT was terrible on mobile devices with the previous layout, so I switched things around and I think I’m quite pleased with the current look.

I’m also pleased for the banner to make a comeback.

I haven’t been posting a great deal compared to a little while back, and I’m losing confidence in the blog, but I’ll endeavor not to give up on itโ€”there are enough blogs buried in Internet graveyards as it is.

The main issue I have is feeling as though so few people read it, therefore why bother? However, there are some of you out there, plus a decent number of shares at times, and I am grateful for such support.

Hope y’all dig the changes.

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3 thoughts on “Another Layout

  1. At first I used to think that not a lot of people follow so what’s the point – but then I realised I actually just enjoy writing and find it cathartic to share – especially because some of the issues I can’t air without anonymity! I think as long as you enjoy blogging – just keep going ๐Ÿ™‚ If it feels like a chore maybe reconsider!

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