Quick Note on Suicide

The way I see it, you’re absolutely, completely and utterly, unequivocally forbidden, in any and every conceivable way, for cognating and entertaining the thought of suicide.

In all seriousness, life may be a sack of crap sometimes but offing oneself is typically not the magical, fix-all solution depression and desperation leads you to think it is.

I’m just not a supporter of kicking your own bucket, to put it in a nut-shell.

Do I have a particularly foreign outlook on life? Nope, I just eventually came to my senses having once upon a miserable, regretful time in the distant past been there myself.

It’s amazing the differences we can make on people’s lives. For better or worse. In my case, friends, family, those with whom I’ve become romantically involved, and even complete strangers have at times made a very positive impact, so I’m thankful for these people and the many more that’ll come my way.

It’s reasons like that which make life worth the fight, as far as I’m concerned.

Thank you, and I’m sorry if this comes off as obnoxious and ignorant.

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