Goals in Life

I feel it’s important to focus on the future, your aspirations, and your desires, so I’ll share with you some things I want out of life.

Feel free to contemplate or post what you want from your life; consider the bigger picture.

1. Happiness

It’s is such an important thing—duh!—so for me to be happy? That would be amazing. I don’t want to ever be depressed again.

2. Financial Stability

I want to be financially stable without needing to stress a great deal about bills and what-not. I’ve seen my dad stress to no end about bills and I don’t want that for myself or my potential partner in crime.

3. Mentally and Physically Healthy

I want to be healthier, both physically and mentally. With this comes the desire to be in great physical shape; to have the physique I’ve been wanting for such a long time; strength and stamina.

4. Be There for Others

I want to inspire, encourage, and help people as I go through my life. It seems I’ve managed this here and there, so that’s something, but I would hope to do it more often!

I just feel that we should be there for each other a little more. We’re all in this life together, so we might as well take that extra bit of effort and help someone; sometimes it doesn’t even take much.

5. Successful with German and the Guitar

I want to become a very accomplished guitarist and German speaker, possibly working in either field, maybe as a teacher, even if just online. I’m a good guitarist (I cringe to say) but I’d like be good on a professional level. I’d also like to have a much better grasp of theory; I’m self-taught (13 years) so I missed out on that until much later on.

6. Rich in Love

I don’t want to be alone. I’d very much like to have a wife, a house, and a dog; something I’ve wanted for a long time, because I feel it’s pretty much all I really need to be happy, in the grand scheme of things. I want to be a rich man, but not necessarily in money.

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