Water Way to Spend the Night

The day before last, I willed myself onto the exercise bike and biked for an hour, without a break, at the 4/8 setting, 8 being the hardest. I was talking verbally to someone on Skype, peddling like a trooper, while they kept me distracted and helped me stay on the damn thing longer.

I tried to keep a speed of around 20-22kmph but the digitial display on my exercise bike is dead, so I had to wing it from memory, using my phone to time it.

I’m amazed I managed an hour. I’m kinda proud, and so I bloody well should be. The last time I biked (a day or two previous) I managed only 25 minutes, with three short breaks at intervals of 10, 10, then 5! How in the world I got from that to an hour non-stop is beyond me.

I must admit, eating a salad just before was a really good move, because I was so raring to go that I felt like I could bike forever! I might have done, were my glutes not so sore, my lower back not aching, and my legs starting to tire around those last 5 minutes.

I had a crap night. I woke up very early (at least for me) and couldn’t get back to sleep for worrying and stressing about crap. Eventually, I gave up trying to sleep and got up properly.

I made a very tasty salad with plenty of chopped up spinach, various other leaves, half a (yellow) bell pepper, a few cherry tomatoes, some cucumber, and some reduced-fat houmous. Feeling pretty good after that! Still tired, though.

I’m trying to get back on track; to continue towards my previous goal of losing body fat and gaining muscle, but first I’m focusing squarely on body fat, this time around.

The funny thing is, I seemed to have been on a subconscious death-wish recently. In that same day I biked for an hour, with the heating on (20c), I, straight after, made a hot bath, ate high-fiber food, then ran around the house cleaning and tidying. Nut case I may well be! It really screwed me up because I did all that with hardly any water and I sweated buckets!

Unsurprisingly, I ended up bedridden for hours as a result of dehydration, with an incredibly unpleasant migraine which evolved into nausea; it was late, so it almost completely ruined my chances of sleep, until the very early hours of the morning. I finally fell asleep, then woke up at around 5am and eventually went to sleep again. Not fun!

So, note to y’all and especially note to self: drink more water, ya eejit!

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2 thoughts on “Water Way to Spend the Night

  1. We all have to learn one way or another. This is just a reminder how you have to be mindful when working out. Congrats on getting back into the routine of healthy living!

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