Are You Addicted to Gaming?

Now that I’m over here on Disqus—a popular site for, you guessed it, discussing things—I’m able to come across some interest topics and give my own 2 cents.

I stumbled across this post and thought I’d take the quiz (originally listed at this address) myself! Am I addicted to gaming? So, feel free to copy the 20 questions and fill in your own answers; I’m sure the OG wouldn’t mind, provided you added a link back.

Do you often re-live gaming experiences or think about future ones?

Not anymore, but I used to!

Do you hide or lie about your gaming?

Nope. I’m pretty honest about it, really.

Do you get very angry when someone or something interrupts a game?

Nah. I might’ve been pretty pissy in the past, as a kid, but not anymore.

Have you ever taken a break from gaming and binged uncontrollably upon your return?

Uncontrollably? I dunno, perhaps in the past.

When upset, do you soothe yourself with games or plans to game?

Yeah, sometimes, but hopefully that’s not a sign of addiction, rather, a coping mechanism.

Do you find yourself gaming in the early morning?

This sort of depends on one’s sleeping pattern, surely? I sometimes do, or more particularly, used to, especially during the night and day, but not so much now as I tend to do other things, like create blog entries for nobody to read!

Do you find ways to game when away from home?

Nope. I prefer PC and sadly I cannot take that with me wherever I go. I don’t game on my phone and have no portable gaming devices such as a PSP.

Do you set limits with gaming and then break them, playing hours longer than intended?

I used to, yes. I remember once trying to go on a long break from gaming. I think I lasted a month or something, gradually adding in one game every week, but old ones, in order to play less and appreciate them more.

Do you lose hours of sleep to gaming?

I certainly used to, a lot, as a kid especially, but not so much now.

Have you called in sick or late to work or skipped classes to game?

Nope. At least one time, I likely was late for college or school because of a game, or because I slept in, being so tired from staying up so late on games.

Have you sworn off a game, uninstalled it, and later returned to it?

Absolutely, but surely we’ve all done that? I did that with Runescape. I “quit” after the huge combat overhaul, then came back some years later. I’m not “into” it now, but once in a while I’ll log in to the German server and use it as something to do and a means of practice.

Do you feel guilt and shame around your gaming?

I used to, and I think if I did now, it’d be because of how I was, how addicted I’ve been to games like Terraria, Dungeon Defenders, Diablo II, Path of Exile, and of course Runescape.

Does gaming contribute to arguments in your relationships?

What relationship? Heh.. heh heh… heh… no, that hasn’t been an issue, thankfully. I like a woman who can appreciate a good game, anyway.

Has gaming taken the place of any hobbies or sports you used to enjoy?

I don’t think so. Sometimes I procrastinate by using a game, but don’t we all?

Do you forget appointments, responsibilities or deadlines in work or school when gaming?

Of course, who doesn’t?

Do you become irritated and defensive when people suggest you might be gaming too much?

Um, I probably did back in the day, but no, not now. If I’m gaming too much, I usually am aware of it because I sleep worse and forget responsibilities.

Have your hours spent gaming increased over time?

Well yes, obviously. Time does sort of go forward. If I no longer spent time gaming, I wouldn’t be a gamer, and I certainly wouldn’t be filling out this questionnaire! But seriously? Nope, they’ve drastically lessened, if anything. Gettin’ old, now.

Do you blow off social events to game?

I probably have in the past, such as not visiting my best mate because of Diablo II; that game was dangerous to one’s health.

Have you lost contact with friends and family since gaming?

Don’t think so. Gaming tends to be a way I can connect with people, rather than disconnect.

Do you have intense feelings (highs, lows, anger, fear) while gaming?

Intense? I may need clarification of what you class as intense. Off-hand, I’d say that 100% used to happen when I was younger, and perhaps later on, but nowadays, not so much.

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