Gamification und Gamifizieren [ENG/GER]

Ich benutze Spiele hin und wieder um mein Deutsch zu verbessern, aber es ist nicht die volle Geschichte. Warum? Na, weil ich noch viele Arbeit machen muss, die Worte und die Grammatik zu lernen. Davon suche ich bei Google und anderen Seiten nach die Sinn und Klarheit der Wörtern und so.

Das Gute über das Lernen einer Sprache beim Spielen eines Spiels auf die Sprache die man lernen willst, ist, dass man etwas neues vielmals wieder lesen und hören kann, was sehr hilfreich ist, da der Fokus auf die Erinnerung von etwas liegt.

Repetition is key, sag ich immer. Warum nicht lernen und spielen gleichzeitig?

Auch gibt es etwas anderes, an das man denken könnte, …but I’ll explain in English. It’s just tricky for me to explain this in German:

As I understand it, basically, (or not) when we achieve something, our brain releases a chemical called Dopamine; the feel-good chemical. We have it wired into us that when we achieve something, we feel good. It makes sense for our survival, when you think about it: if a tiger were to chase us, then we got away, I’d imagine we’d feel pretty damn good about it! It has encouraged us to devise new ways by which to survive, and even to attract a mate in order to reproduce and, ultimately, survive.

So, what I’m getting at here, is that if you feel good about discovering or understanding something new or challenging, there’s a good chance that thing will stick, because it’s important to us. You can look at it as survival or the simpler psychology of something having meaning to us on a level deep enough that we’d remember, such as associating words with something that is important to us, emotionally. Ever notice how we easily remember the bad stuff? It’s because it sucks! Sometimes so hard that you cannot forget it; it seems to have, at least sometimes, the most impact.

The reason all this is so important for learning via gaming, is because gaming can often illicit emotional responses, such as excitement, a sense of reward or accomplishment, anger, fear, and so on; these are key to remembering something because it’s not just a word, it’s a feeling. This goes doubly so when you incorperate all this, socially, into an MMORPG in which there are many opportunities to “feel” and therefore learn, not to mention cooperate.

Bit rambly, but I hope you get the Idee.

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