Xmas Shopping for Her

Who knew it could be so much fun?

As has been previously mentioned on the blog, a little while ago, I got to know someone special with whom I now get on swimmingly, despite us being a few cards short of a deck. We’re now doing a secret Santa-type thing, which involves us sending each other a box in which we’ll pack a bunch of small, random bits and bobs.

I bought her a bunch of stuff just now, one item in particular that oozes mushiness. I didn’t go overboard, as we’ve settled on a price limit which translates to less in our currency, but I’ll make it work, even if I spill over slightly. I got things she can’t get where she’s living, and I believe she’s planning on doing the same.

I looked at all sorts of stuff, particularly things with an emphasis on Britland, and kit she likes based on what I know about her. I find the charity shops tend to have a lot of the knick-knacks that she’s into, such as the hard-to-find vintage gear. Some old stuff is surprisingly still in very good condition, and it’s an added bonus that it’s often cheap!

I did look at jewellery, but that stuff is a minefield; it’s either a hit or a complete miss. I’d need to analyse the crap out of her current jewellery and find out her favorite bling. I’ll have a gander and see what I can figure out.

The Xmas lights are hung up around town and it looks pretty in the evening, contrasting nicely against the dark, moonlit sky. The cold weather and the busy streets is an oddly-nice reminder that it’s nearing that time of the year. All that’s missing is that old Xmas tune that gets drilled into your skull whenever you enter a shop—Slade anyone?

I’ve just worked out what I spent and I’ve cuddled up tightly to that limit, but I need to go out again to get the box and find out how it works over here in England, as well as the delivery charge, which is sadly quite a lot; thanks, Royal Mail.

I’ll likely see if I can grab a few more things to squeeze every penny out of this thing, besides, I admit, this is kinda fun.

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