Much love, brah!

Sorry for the huge gap in time since the last post—I’ve been very distracted.

This will apply to various gender setups, but in my case, it’s a male (that would be me) who considers another bloke like a brother!

I met my best friend a bazillion years ago; I was a different person back then, hell, we both were! We’ve changed a fair bit; grew up a lot, but you know what? We’re still brahs. I’ll call him Silly, for a couple of reasons, one of which is because he’s really silly.

I met Silly online, but it was actually local, at his then-girlfriend’s house, and it was only a fairly brief chat, but it was a real clicker! It wasn’t long before he came to my town to stay a while with his girlfriend, who just so happened to be a friend of mine.

I remember feeling embarrassed and awkward when I went over to visit Wotsit, my friend at the time. Why? Because I saw Silly at her window, and I didn’t want to interrupt them. I had also never met Silly, so I was anxious about that as well.

There’s so much I could say about Silly, but I’ll keep it brief so as to avoid this sounding like a speech at a funeral.

Silly is quiet, and I guess he’s quite a shy person. He isn’t the most vocal of people; he won’t tell you all his thoughts and feelings, because sometimes he just struggles to find the words. He’s so quiet, in-fact, that I don’t think I’ve ever heard him shout. Silly’s raised voice is a bit like a regular person’s normal voice.

One thing I really envy about Silly, something I’ve always envied, is his ability to be so blasé. He’s the kind of guy who doesn’t care too much about daft things like risk and danger. I love that dude, but there’s no way I’d trust him with something truly dangerous, like a grenade. Funnily enough, he’d say the opposite about me: that I worry too much, but then that is often true.

I’ve learned something from our friendship. I’m a stubborn sort of person who struggles to let go of certain things, but when it comes to Silly, my brah, I let it be, because chances are, any misunderstanding is due to either one of us being silly, thus ultimately meaning very little in the long run. Have we bickered? Absolutely. We drive each other crazy from time to time, as siblings typically do.

Times are different now, though. Priorities have changed and we’re not living in the same way we used to. We’ve both got other things to be focusing on, and that will only be more of a thing as time moves on. I do worry we’ll lose contact some day, as I have since the early days.

I’m very grateful to have had Silly in my life all this time, through the thick and thin, and I hope he sticks around for plenty more years.

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One thought on “Much love, brah!

  1. My best friend and I have a special friendship that has lasted through the years. Ups and downs, we have been through it all. We have both changed through time, but we have changed together. I am grateful to have her in my life as well, and hope to for many more years to come.

    It’s nice to know there are other great friendships out there as well.

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