Mind the Supported Housing #3

I believe I’ve mentioned that a “service user” will typically see their assigned support worker once a week as per their tenancy agreement and in the interest of support. If you’ve missed out on the previous entry, check out this link. With that in mind, I saw my support worker just now, and it was a positive experience, so I thought, since I’ve been quite negative, I’d share a positive experience.

I get anxious when I’m waiting for someone or something, so although she was late, as they sadly often seem to be—busy, I presume—she’s the sort of person to want to get stuff done; to get it out of the way as soon as possible. The down side is that she might miss the small things because she’s too eager to get the show on the road, or perhaps she’s just confident that I’m kosher.

My previous support worker, a friendly but arguably negative woman (a stark contrast to my current, optimistic support worker) was nice to speak to but there were problems, those of which my step mother (a well-experienced carer for the mentally and physically disabled) and father felt were clear, but I suppose it’s possible that my sometimes being “too nice” clouded over my ability to realise that, in some ways, she wasn’t helping me.

I didn’t like how my previous support worker handled the situation with my previous flatmate and I; she thought it a good idea to keep sitting us down in the same room like a pair of school kids who had an argument on the playground, but was oblivious (or at least acted so) to the guy’s rather blatant deception, and left me feeling stressed, particularly when we went behind closed doors. I do understand her logic behind  some of her actions, but I ultimately disagree. Sadly, I don’t believe I have a better way in mind, and I’m sure there are times when it does work.

Unfortunately, life isn’t perfect and sometimes there’s just no ultimate solution. There are only so many houses. There are many who are and were far worse off than I, who needed housing very quickly, which I suppose is why it took so long to get me this place.

Yesterday, I received a letter through the mail about my TV license which explained that this property is no longer licensed and watching “live TV” is now not legal. I immediately called up my support worker and explained the situation.

Although my support worker almost had me paying a 2nd TV license costing me just over £145 every 10 months, and failed to get back to me last night when she said she would, leaving me worried, she still managed to get it sorted; it turns out it was a screw-up on Mind’s end.

I requested a current break down of the service charge and rent. The service charge does in-fact cover the non-communal gas and electric, water, personal cleaning, TV license, and the management of ineligible services.

There are some aspects of the break down with which I’m not familiar, such as the non-communal gas and electric; how exactly does one go about separating communal from non-communal, and how does that make sense when the gas and electric are both communal, yet I’m still paying for it?

I’m not entirely sure to what “personal cleaning” pertains, since I do all of my cleaning, but I have noticed that they insist on mowing the garden lawn (at least at the previous place—no garden here) and they’ll occasionally deal with oversized bushes and various similar, outside things.

Lastly, I haven’t a clue about this “management of ineligible services” thing, and it irks me that I’m being charged for things that weren’t explained to me, unless they were but I was too anxious to absorb the information when I first moved into supported housing.

Since she had no luck tracking down a local support group for OCD or anxiety, I’ve requested my support worker look into and inform me about Mind’s courses that are locally available. There are various courses for things like dealing with anxiety, coping with emotions, and being assertive; the former interests me, since, as you know, I have anxiety problems.

Hopefully the course(s) will help to get me out of the house more and allow me to be more social! As it stands, I don’t have many reasons to go out, and when I do, it’s often met with a fair bit of anxiety.

Part 4 can be found via this link!

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