3 Teleportation Locations

I’ve decided to solve the mysteries of teleportation. I believe I have discovered the solution. It’s very simple really: I go into REM sleep and dream I’m teleporting, thus I have teleported.

If only it were so simple.

I’ve often thought about teleporting—I’ve asked myself “where would I go?” I think it’s about time I made some sort of list, albeit partial, and restricted to Earth itself. Here are some places I would visit and why:

Berlin, Germany

Most, if not all of you, have noticed German is my second language. I very much like the German language and the culture.

“Why Berlin?” – I’m often asked. I’m not entirely sure, but I would hazard a guess that it has something to do with the history in Berlin. I find it fascinating. I find war fascinating. We humans do have a morbid sense of curiosity, sometimes.

I’ve seen plenty of war movies, played plenty of war games, and of course heard plenty of unpleasant Nazi-related comments aimed squarely at the German people, so I think part of me wants to see things from the other side of the fence, as it were. Talking to German people online (some in English and some in German) has been quite revealing.

Northern Scotland

I was born in the northern area of Scotland in a cute lil town near the North Sea. I very much want to move there some day and find my roots, cliché as that may sound.

I have plenty of family up in Scotland, and family means a lot up there; I’m not sure why, but a lot of them really seem to stick together. When my dad moved to England some millenia ago, he said he was quite surprised at how different the English are.

Admittedly, sometimes the Scottish—that is to say, true Scottish people who were born and raised in Scotland—can be rather forward, extroverted, and blunt, which, to an introvert such as myself, albeit a sufficiently wacky one, can be quite unnerving.

I miss the North Sea. The smell of the air is so fresh and invigorating. The waters icy cold yet somehow I find that warm and endearing.

I miss the dainty towns and villages with their hilly roads and little old shops. The town in which I was born seems to have so much history and mystery. It’s just a bonus that it’s the town my dad was raised in, so there are plenty of his footsteps in which I could walk.

To Her House, Earth

In a non-creepy way, I should add.

I was going to leave this out, as it’s probably a bit silly, but it’s the main place I can think of; hell, it’s the whole reason I made this list in the first place!

Basically, I’ve been chatting with what apears to be one hell of a kick-arse woman for a little while now. Unfortunately, such a woman lives a great distance away, which sucks really big, sweaty balls.

Why would I teleport to her house? I’d have a chance to get to know her in person, for her to show me the area in which she lives, and for me to have a better idea of who she is and vice versa.


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3 thoughts on “3 Teleportation Locations

  1. Oh, how we want what we cannot have!

    I would teleport to an abandoned beach with a lighthouse. It would be foggy with the smell of salt in the air, and seagulls in the sky. I would have a little shack by the ocean, and a warm blanket to cuddle up in by the fireplace.

    Wherever that may be!

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