The Gender War

I can actually foresee a gender war in the not-too-distant future. I don’t mean all the silly bickering, but guns fired, and lives taken; all-out war.

Go back far enough and you have women being mistreated to the max. Eventually, women rose up and made themselves heard. Only now, years later, the tables are turning, causing many men to be bullied and ridiculed by women, giving us crap if we so much as breathe their way. How long before it turns into a true, violent, world-wide battle?

The idea of a physical war between genders is quite a scary one that would no doubt lead to the destruction of human life. I expect I’ll get laughed at for suggesting such an event could ever occur, and don’t get me wrong, I certainly hope this is just me overthinking.

Here I am, like so many men, just going about my business, trying to get on with my damn life, yet I keep getting bombarded by equal rights this, feminism that, men can’t do this, political correctness that, disguised by what sometimes feels like the desire to put us down and raise some of these women nice and high up on that fancy horse of theirs. I’m getting sick of it.

I’m all for women not being treated like dirt, but I do feel it’s getting far out of hand when even simple gestures are blown up into something huge. There are even plenty of women who’re getting sick of it.

Today, just now, I was told that offering a woman a cup of tea apparently means you want to bone her, not only that, it’s apparently a punishable offense. Whether this is nonsense or not, and I sure hope it is, I can actually believe this to be a straight-up possibility; that’s how silly it’s getting.

Before you know it, it’ll be wrong to love a woman because it’s demeaning to her as a fellow human being. Maybe we’ll one day have to stop using words like “her” and “she,” since it distinguishes the gender, and thus shows we’re not equal! We’ll no doubt have to say things like peoplekind and huperson.

Oh deary me, it appears I cannot open the door for you, for it is sinfully immoral and undoubtedly offensive to all the women out there. Nevermind that it’s something I would perhaps do for a man or woman, be it family, a friend, or a stranger; it’s a simple courtesy and does not necessarily have to be related to your vagina.

Before you rage at me, I just want to apologise if this truly offends you. The content is quite blunt, but it’s also honest and genuine. Unless otherwise stated, when mentioning the female gender, I was not referring to every single woman on the planet.

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4 thoughts on “The Gender War

  1. There are extremists in every movement. Whether it’s race, gender, religion or politics, there will always be the nuttys who get all of the attention.

    That being said, what you just wrote is very reasonable. In America, it’s very black and white here. You must choose a side, and I’m frankly sick of it too. In other words, I’m Switzerland. In the middle. I see both sides of the fight.

    There is a difference between being polite and aggressive. Most men I’ve met are polite. I have come across the circle jerk ones that are rude and in my face with their intentions. I just tell them to fuck off and go on my merry way. With all of the internet social justice warriors roaming about, they do not see the difference between politeness and aggressiveness.

    But overall, it is still a good topic to talk about!

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    1. You rock. There’s no other way to say it. I couldn’t possibly agree with that comment any more. I suppose if you added that kittens are adorable and Fallout 4 is probably going to be the best thing since the invention of sliced bread, then I might agree with it a little more.

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      1. 😀 I totally just bounced around in my seat with a big grin on my face when I read that. I’ve recovered, and am now 100% acting my age. I am at my maximum capacity of agreement.


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