No Job = Worthless

I won’t lie, this is mainly focused on how a lot of women seem to pin a so much expectation on a guy having a job, as though he’s somehow worthless if he doesn’t have one. I get it, the guy is apparently obliged to be “the provider” for you, but there are also different ways to provide rather than just handing out wads of cash, and, as with the main focus of this entry, no job doesn’t always mean no interests or even income.

Take the popular YouTube hit, JennaMarbles, for example, who, in the video named Nice Guys Do Not Finish Last, Jenna touches on how women are leaving their boyfriends because of the man not having a job, and I quote: “it’s like having a baby man-child boyfriend.” Yes, because that’s not offensive. If I made that sort of brutal generalisation about women, I’d be at the mercy of an angry feminist mob.

Sure, I’m probably taking what Jenna said out of context and finding it offensive because of my situation and the situation of a great many like me, but that doesn’t change how black and white I feel her comment was to people, both male and female, who don’t or openly can’t work because of their mental or indeed physical health issues.

I don’t have a job because of my mental health, it’s almost as simple as that, and to hell with people out there who stick their noses up at someone who isn’t sodding media-perfect.

Having no job also doesn’t instantly mean I’m freakishly needy and have all the time in the world which I want to spend with a woman every waking second of every single day. I’m actually big on personal space, and I can’t stand being around someone all the time, even a partner whom I love; I end up feeling suffocated.

Unfortunately, I keep reading and hearing opinions from closed-minded people who think those with mental health problems are simply whack-jobs that should be avoided because they might stab you in your sleep. Yes, of course there are whack-jobs out there! We’re not all going to dice you up and stuff you into a draw under our beds.

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4 thoughts on “No Job = Worthless

  1. First off: I want to like your posts, but on mobile it won’t let me! I can like other people’s posts on mobile, huh, strange.

    Second: I agree with you whole heartily. Women without a job, no big deal. Men without a job, must be a loser. Which isn’t true. We are all in different places in out lives, tgerefore we should not judge one another. I am liking that I am seeing more stay-at-home dads and working moms. It’s nice to see societal norms be broken.


    1. Absolutely! I was honestly a bit worried I’d get a ton of abuse for this post and end up offending people like yourself. I’m the sort of man who likes to go against the norms, not intentionally, it’s just who I am. For example, I won’t feel obliged to pay for everything on “dates”; I’ll pay for my stuff, and the woman pays for her stuff; to me that seems fair and not rude.

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      1. In the southern U.S. it’s like that. Gender roles are heavily impressed. I find myself having different opinion about it than most people, it seems.

        I would suggest to be expectant for people to disagree with you, because I think most will. I’m not one of those people, though.


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