Why I’m Excited for Fallout 4’s Upcoming Release

I’ve done such a silly amount of research into Fallout 4 and even Todd Howard and the male playable character, Brian Delaney. My head is full of so much info that I’m just itching to share. I’d read interviews, heard interviews, watched many videos—in-fact, I’d be surprised if there’s even any videos left for me to watch.

Luckily, having been in development since the release of its predecessor, Fallout 4 is set to release on November the 10th, and of course, this year. Do you feel that hype?

Here are some reasons (of the many) why I’m excited for the release of Fallout 4 on the PC, XBOX One, and the PS4:

No Skills, Only Perks

I’m looking forward to trying out this fantastic series without skills, although they do seem very much alive within the perks tab. There’s no more skill levels 1-100, but instead perk stars that are effectively 20 of the old familiar skill levels.

I honestly wasn’t keen on this approach to begin with, but I’ve now completely warmed up to the idea. I find the omission of skill levels and instead focusing on stars and perks adds to the immersion of the game, something Todd seems obsessed with—thank God, I mean Todd—because it takes away some of the numbers. There are plenty enough numbers in these RPGs. Besides, I don’t know about you, but I find it more attractive! Instead of a boring list with a 1-100 value, it’s cute little animations and a few stars.

No Level Cap

According to Todd, there’s not going to be a level cap. One would assume that this means the levels are infinite, but this suggests another issue: won’t you eventually end up grossly overpowered? I’m just a bit worried that having no level cap will break the game, but don’t get me wrong, I love leveling up as much as the next geek.

The idea is supposed to be that it takes a phenomenal amount of time to actually level up enough to gather all the perks at max level, which is apparently possible. Despite my concerns, I’m pretty exited for all this mad leveling.

Seeing Pre-War

Since the story starts before the bombs drop, I’m really looking forward to checking out the world, however small I expect it to be at first. While the virtual reality part of the previous game was a welcome insight, it’ll be interesting to see it outside of a virtual world and with richer detail—this stuff is real, folks; no denying it!

I shan’t be quoting and giving sources, because I’ve seen and read so many interviews that I simply cannot keep track of them all, however, Todd has said that he wanted people to become attached to the pre-war world so that they can really feel a loss when it’s, well, lost.

It’s clear that Todd and the rest of the crew really want the player to feel an emotional connection to the world, both pre- and post-war.

Dog Meat Makes a Welcome Return

I’m so pleased they brought good old Dog Meat back, but I suppose it was inevitable. I’m hoping that Dog Meat, or whatever you choose to name him (or her?), will be invulnerable, at least to a point, because it would be a shame for all that doggie hype to go to the crapper as result of one tiny death.

The dog adds something innocent to the game, I think; perhaps a reminder of how the world once was.

The Pip-Boy Gets a New Lick of Paint

Does that Pip-Boy look sexy or what? I love what Bethesda have done with this gigantic toy. The immersive way in which the Pip-Boy “screen” moves around, the sound effects, being able to actually see the tapes being inserted into the Pip-Boy’s drive, the mini games, the amusing animations, and so much more! What’s not to love?

As Todd said, in Bethesda’s games, we are often in menus staring at numbers and items for long periods of time, so they wanted to make that entertaining! Their idea is to make even the boring tasks fun; genius.

Todd is keenly aware that we’ll be doing certain things many times over, but he’s more so aware that these repeated tasks have to be enjoyable to repeat, otherwise the game simply becomes a chore.

The Voiced Protagonist

The more controversial topic of Fallout 4 is that the game will actually have a voiced protagonist, both male and female, which is a first in the series. A lot of people have kicked up a stink about this change, but I’m looking forward to it.

“Let’s go, pal.” – Brian, the genuine, humble man behind the male protagonist said on a podcast interview that he put everything into his role; he gave it his all.

I’m hearing a lot about how Courtenay Taylor—the woman behind the female protagnoist—also did a fantastic job. I’ll be primarily playing as the male protagonist, but, at some point, I will absolutely be playing as a female to let loose my inner femininity; don’t you know it, girlfriend!

I think a lot of people thought a voiced protagonist would take something away from the game, but if anything, I expect it has added a heck of a lot to it. The two actors apparently each recorded over 13,000 lines; that’s a lot! It took Brian and Courtenay 2 years to get all their lines recorded. Whew. Remind me never to be a voice actor!

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