What if we’re smaller than we think?

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been interested in space. I’m no astronaut, I’m no astrology nerd. I’ve never really had the opportunity to pursue such an interest, and to what end anyway? It’s not like I’m going to solve any giant mysteries. All I can do is what we can all do, and that’s wonder.

One freaky idea that crossed my mind tonight, is this: what if we’re all just a tiny part of something much, much bigger? Turns out this question has already been asked and scientist are apparently already considering it—typical.

Basically—not that anything about space is basic—what if the universe (and not just the observable universe) were just some microscopic spec on the back of an unthinkably big creature on an unimaginably big world? What if galaxies, suns, and planets were simply hilariously small parts of a far, far bigger world? Maybe there are beings out there looking through telescopes of their own, watching our planets, or even just our galaxies, and wondering what we are, how we work, and how we pertain to their existence, just as we look through our adorable little telescopes to understand our puny, insignificant selves. I’d really like to see a movie that puts this idea into something visual. They say the universe is infinite and is ever-expanding, but what if this growth is merely the growth of alien skin on an animal?

I wish I had more knowledge of space and time so I could better wrap my head around it all. As it stands, I feel like I’m just a kid asking his parents silly, annoying questions. When you possess knowledge about something, you start to ask the right questions, otherwise you just fumble around in the dark. Where’s that light switch?

How can space be infinite anyway? I can’t get my head around that, naturally. I doubt many people look at that and are like “yeah, that totally makes sense—duh.” I can’t help but to think the universe is finite, but I guess that’s just because I refuse to believe something can truly be infinite, unless we’re talking mathematics. The scary thing is, if the universe isn’t infinite, then what else is there, …nothingness? It just doesn’t compute in my mind. Think you’re alone? Damn, imagine being stuck in the emptiness of the non-universe, assuming that’s counted as the universe, but then that raises the question of whether that empty void is itself infinite or not! I’m fairly sure that the one thing which truly is infinite, is our ability to question, seek, and wonder.

Next time your problems get too much for you, look up and consider the bigger picture. We’re just 1 tiny person on 1 large planet in 1 giant galaxy that hosts an estimated minimum of 100 billion planets. Do you think they’re lonely?

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4 thoughts on “What if we’re smaller than we think?

      1. I think about all of the possible theories.

        Mostly what is our significance in the universe. Are ghosts just strong energies floating in place as time goes by? What if the human race is controlled by something much more intelligent than us? What if we are merely just an atom inside of a massive living being? Why is it that we cannot wrap our brains around the idea of infinite space? What if all of our lives are just organisms living in a specific time and space, and there is no meaning to anything? We are here and that’s it. Nothing magical or spiritual about existence. We just exist.

        Ah, and the existential crisis and depression of reality begins.


      2. Wow, that’s awesome. Sorry if I’ve made you feel like crap. I don’t tend to get depressed over this stuff because I just find it interesting and, for me, it helps put things into perspective. I must admit, the idea that there’s nothing magical or spiritual about us, and that we just exist, is a pretty bleak outlook, so that’s something which doesn’t fill me with wonderful feelings, but at the end of the day, we still matter to each other, so everything else can swivel on it!


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