Fathers help raise children, too!

I’m sick of fathers not getting the acknowledgement they deserve. When someone does something nice it’s always “oh, the mother brought him up well,” or something.

HELLO! The father might’ve helped too, ya know? It’s not all about the mothers!

My mother just screwed my head up and booted me out the door. Who actually raised me? My dad, the same person who taught me to be a man, and not an animal. It pisses me off that so many fathers out there get no recognition, and actually, sometimes no respect. What is it, people are afraid to speak up in-case they’re labeled a woman-hater or something? Sod that.

I don’t mean to bash on mothers, I’m just annoyed at the lack of acknowledgement fathers seem to get. What are we men? Are we all just knuckle-dragging thugs in your eyes? ABOOGA BOOGA! AROO. UGUG UG. ME MAN.

If I had children, I’d like to think I would teach them respect, honor, courage, strength, and compassion; I find these to be some of the utmost important qualities a human being can possess.

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3 thoughts on “Fathers help raise children, too!

  1. Well in America, it is known in the black culture that there are not many good fathers. Which I have seen to be true.

    I think it all depends on the culture. In my life, I am always pleasantly surprised to see an involved father. It’s common to see a mother do all of the work while


  2. *continued* the father rather party with his friends.

    I do get a warm, fuzzy feeling when I see a great dad. It makes me wish I had the same.


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