You make me smile!

This entry is dedicated to those of you who make me smile. There are even people out there who I have sadly yet to meet or even talk to, but you make me smile.

One of the reasons I enjoy speaking to people online is because it’s easier to be you. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy “real life” communication as much as the next human, but sometimes a bit of web talk seems to bring out the honesty in peepoles. Take my best mate, who is local, for example, he’s quiet as a mouse, but over the many years I’ve known him, when we talk online, he’ll open up and be honest about things I think he’d struggle to vocalise in person, and this is a guy I’ve known for almost a decade.

Occasionally I’ll come across someone who just makes me smile and makes me feel, … good, for lack of a better word. You know? I probably sound bat-shit crazy right now. I’m not stoned, I promise. I don’t do drugs—drugs are bad, mmkay? I’m just a bit buzzed right now because I’ve had some really nice reminders lately that the world isn’t a complete pile of turd. Do you know, there are people out there that care about you? You might never have even met them, but they actually care.

We may be strangers, but together we stand on the same planet that feeds us and keeps us alive. We are united.

I was explaining to my dad today that there was an older woman at a shop who was struggling with her bags as she clearly bought more than intended. I was itching to ask her if I could help, but a couple of things got in the way. First, I was in the queue, about to be served, and didn’t want to look a right twat, plus she seemed to just about manage. Secondly, social anxiety kind of halts these weird outbursts of kindness. You have to keep in mind that this is England and people seem to rarely help strangers unless it’s their job, or so I’ve noticed. If I offer some woman I don’t know if I can help her with her bags, then I’m probably instantly a creep or some misogynistic knuckle-dragger. Stupid example, I know, but my point is that I cared about the woman. If I can care about random people I meet while shopping, maybe there are others out there like me who have a soft spot in their heart that cares for some of the people around them? That’s possible, right?

I’ve spent so long focusing on the wrong people. I’ve been feeling depressed about humanity, sometimes even angry at the world. People can be mean, but can be fan-bloody-tastic, like those of you reading these very words as they dance about on my computer screen, you know who you are! Yes, you!

Really, I’m not stoned or drunk, and I have a full deck of cards, albeit torn and creased over the years—I’m just feeling a little warm and fuzzy.

Thank you.

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4 thoughts on “You make me smile!

  1. Aw schucks.

    I honestly feel the same way towards the people I meet online. Even in group, I find myself caring about these strangers lives and stories. Just the other day, we wrote each other notes saying positive things to each others. As much I’d hate to admit it, it was fucking fantastic! Kind words from kind people. I feel warm and fuzzy on the way home.

    I am a big believer in love and hate. I believe that balance is the key to life. We all need a little love in our lives.

    Glad you’re looking up today!


    1. I’d like that too. I think we’d all like to hear nice things about us once in a while. Here’s one for you: my impression of you thus far is of a very warm, kind person with a big heart.

      Me, too. I think what helped was my dad being awesome. He text me tellilng me I need to get out more. Typical dad thing to say. Unfortunately, he was right. I do. Lack of social life does that. The only things I go out for is to visit my dad, occasionally hop on a bus to visit my best mate, and trips to the shop. Sometimes I miss my old social life because it got me out doing cool things, however, I’d rather do cool things with people who matter, than cool things with people who just look through me, not at me.

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      1. Okie dokie, I’ll play along. My impression of you is that you’re genuine, intelligent and thoughtful.

        My mom is awesome as well. She makes me get out of bed every morning and go places with her, whether it is just errands or shopping. She constantly pushes me to do things and plan for the future. If it wasn’t for her, I would be dead right now (she also birthed me, so I also wouldn’t exist).

        Horray for awesome parents! Well the awesome one parent…Ha.


      2. Yeah, the one parent is in my case, too. My dad’s awesome. We’ve had a lot of struggles over the years, but I think we get along better now. Moving out was honestly the best thing I could’ve done. I got to spread my wings and also got out of my dad’s hair. It’s just weird adjusting, as it probably always is. I go over there and see my old bedroom, … is really strange; now there’s nothing but a ton of electrionics shoved in there, and remnants of my old stuff which I’ll be getting back when I finally get out of this place.

        My dad doesn’t push me too much, because he knows I struggle with this and that, but he’s still a dad, so he does push for things now and again. Hah. I guess I’m a similar way with him because I worry about him. My anxiety doesn’t just focus on me, it has me freaking out about people in my life who I care about as well!


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