You Can’t Pick Me Up

A lot of men are terrible when it comes to picking up on hints that a woman likes you.

I went into a shop today, and my dad was there as well, since we both had shopping to do. Apparently there’s a woman there that likes me; cute thing, and she seemed nice. I just thought the woman was being nice as per the job. My dad seemed to think she had a thing for me, and apparently it was obvious to the whole shop.


It’s not the first time this has happened. I’m not saying this to toot horns or whatever, as nice as it is to know that even while feeling as though I looked like crap, I can still spark the interest of an attractive young woman, but, how the hell did I miss it if it were so damn obvious?

Maybe my fears of once again being in a relationship have made me ignorant to the basics.

How am I meant to actually manage such a situation, anyway? The only experience I have of—dare I say it—courting a woman, is simply getting to know a woman who is a friend, and things simply evolving around that friendship. I’ve never just gone up to a woman and said something like, “hey baby, wanna come back to my place and check out my guitar?” OK, nobody except rock stars would say that and get away with it! Also, the word “baby” makes me cringe. None-the-less, what am I meant to say? I don’t want to look like a complete moron—I look stupid enough as it is.

Everything I can think of to say to a random woman with whom a spark might’ve developed, always sounds weird or even creepy. I can’t even bring myself to list some ideas, because they’re just too cringe-worthy.

So, women, if you like a guy, you might have to just jump on him and suck those lips clean off his face before he gets the damn hint!

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any sexual harassment lawsuits filed against you in the event that you test the above.

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4 thoughts on “You Can’t Pick Me Up

  1. This made me laugh, but it’s true!

    For me its the opposite. I tend to take any sign of attention as an advance (in my head).

    Today in group, a guy asked for my number. For the life of me, I cannot figure out if it is because he wants to hook up or wants a supportive friend? The thing is, he is 20-ish years older than me.

    Am I mistaking his simple question as something more? Or am I just desperate for attention and hoping that’s what he meant, even if don’t feel the same way?



    1. I was hoping you’d find this amusing. Hah.

      I know of that one, and have noticed that perhaps this issue is one women often struggle with, which is amusing when you take into account the issue men have. Sometimes a sign of attention is through interest or intrigue, rather than a full-on advance.

      Yeah, that’s a tough one. I’d assume advance, myself, despite the location. Did you give him your number? I, personally, absolutely and unequivocally would not hand my number to someone I don’t know, unless it’s a business thing. You could suggest some sort of online communication, however, such as Skype. If he ends up being a creep or simply too much to handle, you can easily deal with that, as opposed to dealing with messed up calls, worrying about him sharing your number, and having to potentially change your number.

      By the way, I saw your latest picture on your blog and the hairstyle is colorful. It’s strange, because I see the pictures, then read the text, and I can’t piece it together. You look like an expressive, colorful person. It’s almost like a “HAZZAH, I’m here!” A constrating image to that which I get from the text alone. Putting the two together, it’s almost like there’s a battle going on, which I suppose would explain the whole do I go out and show the world who I am, or do I hide away indoors because who needs people. Hah Am I bang on the monies, or am I many miles off?

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      1. I did give him my number.

        And I am slightly freaking out about it. He hasn’t texted or anything, so maybe he won’t at all. I’m a tad pathetic in that type of situation, haha.

        But hey! If you ever do realize a girl is hitting on you, just ask if she wants to hang out sometime. The worst thing she could say is no.


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