How do you deal with death?

Death is brutal. Everything you’ve ever lived, stood, and cried for is torn away from you. Where’s the justice in that? Oh sure, yin and yang. A wise man once said… “death fucking sucks!”

It took being in a relationship with someone very suicidal, in order for me to appreciate life. The reason I’m telling you this, dear reader, is because I have quite the thirst for life, and the fear of death to boot! I want to live forever; I want to learn, see, and do everything, well, maybe not everything, but lots.

If only I were a blood-sucking vampire, … or not. Can I just be a Pepsi-drinking vampire instead?

One thing that always gets me, is trying to be there for a person who just lost someone close to them. What do you say to them? I never know! My dad tells me that’s normal and that “nobody knows what to say.” He’s probably right there.

Life is precious, but life is also full of fecal matter!

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2 thoughts on “How do you deal with death?

  1. Funny enough, in group today we talked about grief.

    To a person who just lost someone, sometimes just being available for them is enough. The presence and support you offer can mean more than actual words.


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