[What’s German?] – Tools in my toolbox of language-learning tools!

In no particular order, I’m going to share with you some potentially vital websites that can teach you a tremendous amount. These websites either may be helpful to you, or have been a huge help for me over the years. Please take the time to give them all a go, as you may one day owe thanks in part to them for your fluency. Just to avoid any potential confusion: the text below refers to the link above.


I actually stumbled across this website today. I’m not entirely sure I’d personally find it useful now, but I can see how it might’ve been handy back in the day, so it perhaps may help you. The point of that page is to show you what gender a noun is as you type it by highlighting the text a certain color associated with that particular gender. Perhaps a good tool if you are a particularly visual learner.


I owe a lot of my knowledge to this young woman, Katja. Not only is she aesthetically pleasing, but she’s an excellent teacher, both vibrant and engaging. I strongly recommend you go through her videos several times over as they are oozing with information.


This is probably the first site I started using as a proper resource for my German studies. The site is full of articles that explain things in very fine detail, albeit in a bit of a dry way. One of the best things about that site that still helps me today, is that there’s IM chat software freely available for you to use.


It’s not necessarily the site, rather a few “courses” within that are good with vocabulary and a few phrases. Unfortunately, the courses are absolutely not without problems, though. Regardless of the hiccups, such as mismatching translations and the occasional lack of article for new nouns, I still recommend this site because it still offers a lot of new words to add to your growing list of vocabulary.


This is my personal go-to dictionary for German. This site also shows colloquial speach, highlights idioms and vulgarity, shows the syntax,  has plenty of phrases, gives excerpts from the ‘net, and even offers audio for just about everything so you can hear how it’s pronounced!


One of the trickiest things with German is knowing how to conjugate a verb. This site will save you from such confusion. All you need to do is type the desired verb into the search bar and you’ll be able to find out what the Hilfsverb is and how it’s conjugated in all the great many, glorious ways. You can even see alterative ways to spell the verb in a given conjugation. My only complaint with the site is that it doesn’t clearly show the Hilfsverb, rather, I typically go to the Konjunktiv II, Futur II in order to see the Hilfsverb, which is indicated at the end as either sein or haben.


Last but by no means least, we have Duolingo—a fantastic website with a mobile application that can teach you anything from grammar to vocabulary. You won’t end up fluent by making the “tree” gold, and the site telling you you’re 100% fluent is typically complete nonsense. However, this is probably one of the biggest tools for language learning, as you can learn grammar usages, such as which preposition to use with which verbs, and a nice big list of vocabulary. Duolingo offers questionable audio, various languages alongside German, the ability to learn English from German (believe it or not, it’s educational!) and even a feature called Immersion with which you can translate documents with your fellow learners. Duolingo offers a slight gamifcation aspect in that you gain levels and earn Lingots that can be spent in a shop for language learning things; an interesting concept but has so much wasted potential.

So there you have it, boys and girls. I hope this was a help. If you know of any other awesome language-learning websites that can be used for learning German, please do share them below!

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