Shower with Your Dad Simulator 2015 – WTF, Valve?

I’m disgusted and pissed off. Why am I disgusted? Because the premise is of playing as a child who showers with his dad. There’s full nudity. Oh sure, they argue it’s just 8-bit, but some years ago it was still considered inappropriate to have messed up content like this. Imagry is imagry, regardless of pixel density.

I’m digusted in Valve, that they have let this so-called “game” get through into Steam. I strongly feel that people need to speak up here, because if these sort of messed up softwares are going to start appearing on Steam, we have a very serious problem.

I’m not even going to supply a link or show pictures because it’s simply not appropriate. If you would like to find out for yourself, it’s easy enough, as it’s all over YouTube.

This was very clearly an attention-seeking endeavor by the ‘developer’—I can’t even say that seriously when they make trash like this—and the sad thing is it’ll work. At the very least, I hope it gets noticed to the point of being removed from Steam.

It’s the sort of game I’d expect to reside in some sort of dark, dank, and dirty place online, not on Steam with over 125 million active users and obviously most of them will be children, some of which will be rather young children.


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One thought on “Shower with Your Dad Simulator 2015 – WTF, Valve?

  1. Ok I know this is disgusting but why do I find it funny as well? Haha. I thought the “GOAT Simulator” is the most unreasonable game I’ve seen in Steam, but here goes another that you found. WTF? :))

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