Given the Chance, Would You Start Again?

I’ve sometimes thought quite a bit on this question. I used to wish I could do things again; undo those mistakes; right those wrongs. Now, I’m not convinced starting again is the answer.

I’ve had a good effect on some people’s lives. Hell, even when I’ve negatively affected someone, that may well have had a positive knockback. I’m not sure I want to undo the good I’ve done. I’m not sure I want to undo any possible good done as a result of my actions.

Yes, life has been difficult, yes, I’ve made mistakes, and yes, I’ve many regrets, but, I’ve also learned a lot, had positive effects on a number of people, and so, as a result, I think that I would not want to do it again. I believe, actually, for my to take such a chance would perhaps be selfish.

Had things been done differently, I may not have gotten to know my father so well. I may not have such an awesome best-friend of whom I’ve known for 7 or 8 years. If things were done differently, I wouldn’t have made the mistakes that strengthened me and taught me valuable lessons in life, those lessons of which will prepare me for the upcoming struggles I will invariably face. Had things not reached this point, I would likely not be a guitarist, and a relatively decent one at that. I would not be enthusiastic and passionate about the German language, and therefore would not have connected with many German people, learning things about their culture, and appreciating how they feel about certain subjects.

The next time you wish to start again, consider this: it’s not just your life. For better or worse, we are in this together, and, believe it or not, the actions to which we commit and the words we express can truly matter.

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One thought on “Given the Chance, Would You Start Again?

  1. Sounds to me. You have things figured out. And are happy about the road you took problems and all.

    For me… well i wish i hadnt made a major mistake.. but i learnt … with a constant uphill struggle i too made it.. into a job i can honestly say.. i enjoy being in. My team around me at work are amazing…

    I do wish a couple of people who i regard not just as friends but family would speak to me even though i cant get to them.. yes i still have that anxiety.. they know that.. i dont actually think that will ever go from me. Not completely… it is a daily struggle with these thoughts and struggles. For which, i am trying alot.. but i know and at least honestly accept that this is one of my biggest strugles of late.. well actually about 6 years… here hoping this changes..

    I hope and pray my friends i bother with me. Even if its for 10 minutes a telephone call anything.. my life at this present time is limited..


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