So, I moved out, … again.

A big time in a person’s life is when they leave home, setting out to fend for themselves. Late to the party, due to personal issues, I finally made that step forward that had held me back for so many years. Unfortunately, it didn’t go so well.

Remember my rant about the “audacious idiot” with whom I previously lived? Well, I finally lost my temper with him, resulting in an, uh … ‘altercation’. I couldn’t go back after that— a line was crossed and there was no going back from it. The police were involved, but no charges were pressed, although I can’t help but to wonder whether I should’ve charged him for being a rather large pisspot. I’m not a particularly violent person—OK, that’s probably what all the psychopaths say prior to stabbing someone—but, like everyone, I do eventually snap. I mainly reacted in such a way as to put distance between each other, and to shut him the hell up. I don’t really tend to outright attack people even at the highest snap-point. I can’t describe just how frustrating he is; I couldn’t do it justice, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

Now I have a new place to call home, and my Internet just got activated today! So, here I am, telling you what I can get away with sharing—to quote Harold Finch: “I’m a very private person” Granted, I’m here telling you about my private business, but that’s just splitting hairs.

My flatmate so far seems to be a star. I’m actually finding it difficult to adjust to how respectful, kind, thoughtful, and understanding he is. I don’t feel like talking to him is some almighty alpha-male bullshit; a minefield to be traversed, which is exactly how I felt with the other flatmate—I always felt as though the other one was trying to manipulate, control, and intimidate me.

So, what have I been doing meantime? Well, working out, watching programmes, and occasionally going to the shops. Since I couldn’t go back to that other ‘home’, I had to sleep elsewhere until things were sorted. I stayed with a friend for a couple of days, then went back to my dad’s house and ended up staying there for a little over a month, initially sleeping on the livingroom floor and later got upgraded to my old bedroom floor; wasn’t wonderful, but definitely could’ve been worse. Frankly, I was lucky to have my folks there for me. I was able to help them out plenty with cleaning, the shopping, and when their house got redecorated, plus I sparked them some cash for their car, so at least I still had a sence of responsibility. I was quite worried I’d end up stuck there again, ending up right back at square one, but thankfully the people who’re helping me get sorted with my own place did a fine job of picking up the pieces.

I very much enjoyed having easy access to my step-mother’s gym, but alas, all good things must come to an end. I’ll have to get used to my equipment again, not to say I have crap gear—I’ve got some very good stuff—but I really like the multigym and the weird ‘cross-trainer’ bike, I think it’s called.

A new chapter to my journey. I’ll have to just wait and see as to where I go from here.

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