I Live with an Audacious Idiot

Audacious – showing an impudent lack of respect. (and) showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks.
Sounds about right!

This guy, the one who’ll gladly have a go at me for leaving clean towel fluff on the bathroom floor—those of which I could never really spot unless I perhaps crawled around on my hands and knees—yet leave a load of his thick, black hopefully-facial hair on the bathroom sink and then go out! A lovely surprise in the morning when I go to brush my teeth.

This guy, the same dildo that has the audacity to complain of my “hoovering technique,” (despite my hoovering definitely getting the job done) yet will, often after I’ve just cleaned, constantly leave a load of tobacco and food on the kitchen floor, bits and pieces on the living room floor, and towels and what-not on the bathroom floor.

This very same damn guy who will often smoke weed on the property (which is illegal over here) getting his crap into my lungs. Did I ask for a lung full of weed? No, I didn’t. Despite the threat of police involvement, he still found a way to sneak a spliff in the bathroom, presumably thinking I’m oblivious enough not to realise. Both the bathroom and kitchen sink have been blocked so badly that it took quite a bit of plunging to fix—coincidence? I think not. I’ve found rizla in the bathroom sink, and let’s just say that sometimes that sink drain has smelled very familiar.

I have pictures, and many of them, of the shite he leaves behind, and how clean it looks by the time I’m done with it, but due to anonymity reasons, I best not upload them. I have kept a log of his nonsense as well, but same story there, too.

Today’s a good example of his idiocy.

We recently had to get a rota, because I kept having to clean his mess up for a few weeks, as well as the mess he left behind before that, which I refused to clean. I took out the bins. I hoovered the kitchen, living room, hall, and my bedroom. I cleaned the worktops, the microwave, the top of the cooker. I can’t use the oven, and never have since moving here, because I refuse to clean his mess—once got so bad a professional was sent out because he just wouldn’t clean it for months.

So, yesterday I was busy, and I was tired, having had a relatively eventful few days. I ate some cereal in the evening, and didn’t immediately wash up my bowl—note that I have my own bowls, knives, plates, etc—so, after doing the aforementioned cleaning today, I took the bowl through into the kitchen and left it soaking the kitchen sink for a minute or two while I went to clean the windowsill in my bedroom.

Within mere seconds, dickless shouts, “I’m not being funny,” something that he always says whenever he’s going to be a dick, “but can you move your bowl?” Note, that it was in no way what-so-ever in his way. The bowl is small, was moved out of the way, and there was ample space with which to do whatever it was he wanted to do—he wasn’t even in there long. Sometimes I’m certain he just enjoys being a dick, and is hoping I will lose my temper with him so that I get kicked out under grounds of “anti-social behavior.”

I tell him, “I’m just leaving it to soak for a moment while I do something else.” I try to minimize it as much as possible, so he doesn’t sink his teeth in to the situation, but, like a chihuahua, he started to go on about how he doesn’t understand why I “have to leave things to soak,” which isn’t exactly a new invention that is totally misunderstood by the world; doesn’t take a genius to figure out my logic, there.

I started to get pretty pissed off at that point, and replied with something like, “Well, sometimes I leave something to soak, it’s just something I do.” A crap argument, but I was pissed off and honestly had better things to do than to argue with him about my sodding bowl that is of no consequence to him. But, since he always gets his way, I had to go through and take the bowl and move it, but I shoved it on top of the fridge; about as out-of-the-way as possible, at that point. When he was done in there, I went through to wash the bowl, as I damn well intended to in the first place.

Another thing, something I’ve noticed he does a lot. He seems to enjoy dismissing or demeaning what I do right, make huge anything small I might do wrong, but will praise himself and go on about what he does right, and dismiss anything he does wrong. I honestly think this guy is a narcissist; the one condition for which I don’t feel sympathy if someone has it. An example of this occurred today:

While I was cleaning, he came into the kitchen and proceeded to completely dismiss the cleaning I was doing, but go on about the cleaning he apparently did yesterday, which, by the way, was really obscure stuff like cleaning the kitchen light and the very top of the upper cupboards. Ordinarily, it would bother me, but he seems to have a way.

I know the guy’s a lying sack of turd because he’s already admitted to me about the lies he’s made, even recently, to people before; doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence.

I’m so sick of him, and his asinine bullshit. I sort of don’t care to just say that I live with a giant dick.

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