Amy Schumer Fascinates Me

Typical British weather is on the go. It’s dark out there, the rain is falling, and the wind is howling. I think I may have even heard a rumble. So, since I’m stuck indoors, I’m left to ponder—once again, taut with thought.

I don’t know why, but this Amy Schumer intrigues me. Not only is she funny, but she’s smart, ballsy, and gorgeous. I’ve been watching her standup comedy stuff on the YouTube channels that share this stuff—I know, shame on me—and she just baffles me!

Apparently there’s a lot of guys who can’t decide whether she’s sexy or not. This came up on a radio show with Howard Stern, as he interviewed Amy Schumer in 2012, and posed the question: Is it OK to find Amy Schumer sexy? A ridiculous question, but I can’t help but to follow on. I can’t see anything inherently wrong with it, unless she’s a family member of yours, or we find out she’s hiding her prepubescence rather well!

“You’re one of the girls who everybody can’t figure out if she’s sexy or not,” Howard explains to Amy. To state the obvious, he points out that it’s “insulting, in a way.”

I think it’s amusing that Amy can just flick all that off and say, “that is so interesting.” Before Amy said that, as Howard was explaining about how he (and other guys) find her “sexy” but don’t know how they feel about it, she had an expression that made me feel as though she reveled in it. I don’t think Amy’s all that offended, or if she is, she’s hiding it well, because you know what? She was bullied at school, perhaps throughout her entire younger life, and now she’s this hot, charming figure that has apparently been every which way possible, gladly referring to herself as a “monogamous slut,” during the interview—I think Amy loves the attention.

Amy Schumer

In a way, Amy is showing us that those women—the “regular women” who don’t look like they came straight out of a Play Boy magazine—can be a hot commodity, too. Amy might well be somewhat of a role model to other women out there who feel like they are underappreciated, visually, simply because they don’t meet that impossibly perfect criteria we get slapped across out faces by the media. Amy isn’t super skinny, she doesn’t have enormous breasts, and whatever else us men look for these days, but she uses what she has, and she uses it well.

Amy doesn’t seem to hide who she is, either. During the interview, Howard asked her whether she has any cellulite, an unusually personal question, but then he was not long asking her very personal, sexual questions. Amy replied honestly, saying that she does have some, but that it isn’t, “gross.”

Something Amy said really made me think, because honestly—hand up high—I am totally guilty of this. Howard was explaining to Amy that he was unsure about a dress she wore a while back for a show she did, given that it was rather, … appealing, shall we say; she looked fantastic and showed plenty of skin. This is what Amy had to say:

Because people see a female comedian, and they’re just like, yawn, and what else is on. Uh, but they see a chick—that’s kind of interesting to look at, and you see some skin, and at least you’ll stay tuned and listen to what she has to say, and then win them over. That’s my total thought process.

This is valuable, guys, because look what we’re doing to women, without even realising it. I’ve always thought of myself as the sort of guy who doesn’t drag his knuckles around everywhere, but it’s how she dressed and her overall looks that drew me in, followed by the stuff that’s actually important on a deeper level. Guilty! On the other hand, I’m sure women do the very same thing with us.

I’m looking forward to seeing how Amy’s career evolves over the years.

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