Deutscher Beitrag #1: Ich hab Deutsch auf meinem Herzen.

Ich fühlte wie einen deutschen Beitrag anschlagen. Denk an diesen mehr wie einen Beitrag eines Tagesbuchs. Bedenken, dass Deutsch nur meine zweite Sprache ist, also bin ich dabei leider noch nicht perfekt.

Ich bin heute Abend sehr müde, weil heute war ziemlich lang aber nicht so schlecht wie es gestern war. Ich besuchte meinen Vater bei seinem Haus, ging ein bissl shoppen einkaufen und übte ein bissl meine akustische Gitarre. Ich arbeite heutzutage eines Teil der Musik, Straight to Baby, Sonata N v1 und ein paar andere Teile, die ich kurzlich aus dem Internet downloadet habe. (der Tablatur) Es ist fast drei Uhr am Morgen, deshalb habe ich keine Energie mehr.

Ich glaub, ich hab ihr schon erzählt, dass ich Zwangsstörung habe, und auch was Probleme mit der Angst hab, also heute hatte ich ein Problem dabei, als ich bei meinem Vater wurde, fing meine Angst und insbesondere meine Zwangsstörung an! Ich musste schnell weg, da ich es nicht mehr nehmen könnte. Er fragte mich, warum ich weggehen war, aber ich konnte—aus einen unbekannten Grund—ihm nicht einfach sagen, dass meine OCD fing an sich zu zeigen. Tja.

Ich mag es wirklich, den Deutschen mit ihrem Englisch zu helfen, und es gilt immer perfekt, dass sie auch mit meinem Deutsch helfen konnten. Ich habe für eine weile lang mit einer coolen, deutschen Frau gesprochen… oder, gechattet im Internet. Sie hat mir sehr bei meinem Deutsch behilflich gewesen, und dank ihr, hab ich vieles gelernt! Es ist total wichtig, meiner Meinung nach, wann immer man eine Sprache lernt, dass er immer Freunde macht, damit man vieles lernen kann und viel üben.

Ich bin zu müde weiterzuschreiben, also ich los gehe. Danke für das Lesen meines ersten deutschen Beitrags, dass ich hier erstellt habe.

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I Live with an Audacious Idiot

Audacious – showing an impudent lack of respect. (and) showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks.
Sounds about right!

This guy, the one who’ll gladly have a go at me for leaving clean towel fluff on the bathroom floor—those of which I could never really spot unless I perhaps crawled around on my hands and knees—yet leave a load of his thick, black hopefully-facial hair on the bathroom sink and then go out! A lovely surprise in the morning when I go to brush my teeth.

This guy, the same dildo that has the audacity to complain of my “hoovering technique,” (despite my hoovering definitely getting the job done) yet will, often after I’ve just cleaned, constantly leave a load of tobacco and food on the kitchen floor, bits and pieces on the living room floor, and towels and what-not on the bathroom floor.

This very same damn guy who will often smoke weed on the property (which is illegal over here) getting his crap into my lungs. Did I ask for a lung full of weed? No, I didn’t. Despite the threat of police involvement, he still found a way to sneak a spliff in the bathroom, presumably thinking I’m oblivious enough not to realise. Both the bathroom and kitchen sink have been blocked so badly that it took quite a bit of plunging to fix—coincidence? I think not. I’ve found rizla in the bathroom sink, and let’s just say that sometimes that sink drain has smelled very familiar.

I have pictures, and many of them, of the shite he leaves behind, and how clean it looks by the time I’m done with it, but due to anonymity reasons, I best not upload them. I have kept a log of his nonsense as well, but same story there, too.

Today’s a good example of his idiocy.

We recently had to get a rota, because I kept having to clean his mess up for a few weeks, as well as the mess he left behind before that, which I refused to clean. I took out the bins. I hoovered the kitchen, living room, hall, and my bedroom. I cleaned the worktops, the microwave, the top of the cooker. I can’t use the oven, and never have since moving here, because I refuse to clean his mess—once got so bad a professional was sent out because he just wouldn’t clean it for months.

So, yesterday I was busy, and I was tired, having had a relatively eventful few days. I ate some cereal in the evening, and didn’t immediately wash up my bowl—note that I have my own bowls, knives, plates, etc—so, after doing the aforementioned cleaning today, I took the bowl through into the kitchen and left it soaking the kitchen sink for a minute or two while I went to clean the windowsill in my bedroom.

Within mere seconds, dickless shouts, “I’m not being funny,” something that he always says whenever he’s going to be a dick, “but can you move your bowl?” Note, that it was in no way what-so-ever in his way. The bowl is small, was moved out of the way, and there was ample space with which to do whatever it was he wanted to do—he wasn’t even in there long. Sometimes I’m certain he just enjoys being a dick, and is hoping I will lose my temper with him so that I get kicked out under grounds of “anti-social behavior.”

I tell him, “I’m just leaving it to soak for a moment while I do something else.” I try to minimize it as much as possible, so he doesn’t sink his teeth in to the situation, but, like a chihuahua, he started to go on about how he doesn’t understand why I “have to leave things to soak,” which isn’t exactly a new invention that is totally misunderstood by the world; doesn’t take a genius to figure out my logic, there.

I started to get pretty pissed off at that point, and replied with something like, “Well, sometimes I leave something to soak, it’s just something I do.” A crap argument, but I was pissed off and honestly had better things to do than to argue with him about my sodding bowl that is of no consequence to him. But, since he always gets his way, I had to go through and take the bowl and move it, but I shoved it on top of the fridge; about as out-of-the-way as possible, at that point. When he was done in there, I went through to wash the bowl, as I damn well intended to in the first place.

Another thing, something I’ve noticed he does a lot. He seems to enjoy dismissing or demeaning what I do right, make huge anything small I might do wrong, but will praise himself and go on about what he does right, and dismiss anything he does wrong. I honestly think this guy is a narcissist; the one condition for which I don’t feel sympathy if someone has it. An example of this occurred today:

While I was cleaning, he came into the kitchen and proceeded to completely dismiss the cleaning I was doing, but go on about the cleaning he apparently did yesterday, which, by the way, was really obscure stuff like cleaning the kitchen light and the very top of the upper cupboards. Ordinarily, it would bother me, but he seems to have a way.

I know the guy’s a lying sack of turd because he’s already admitted to me about the lies he’s made, even recently, to people before; doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence.

I’m so sick of him, and his asinine bullshit. I sort of don’t care to just say that I live with a giant dick.

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Amy Schumer Fascinates Me

Typical British weather is on the go. It’s dark out there, the rain is falling, and the wind is howling. I think I may have even heard a rumble. So, since I’m stuck indoors, I’m left to ponder—once again, taut with thought.

I don’t know why, but this Amy Schumer intrigues me. Not only is she funny, but she’s smart, ballsy, and gorgeous. I’ve been watching her standup comedy stuff on the YouTube channels that share this stuff—I know, shame on me—and she just baffles me!

Apparently there’s a lot of guys who can’t decide whether she’s sexy or not. This came up on a radio show with Howard Stern, as he interviewed Amy Schumer in 2012, and posed the question: Is it OK to find Amy Schumer sexy? A ridiculous question, but I can’t help but to follow on. I can’t see anything inherently wrong with it, unless she’s a family member of yours, or we find out she’s hiding her prepubescence rather well!

“You’re one of the girls who everybody can’t figure out if she’s sexy or not,” Howard explains to Amy. To state the obvious, he points out that it’s “insulting, in a way.”

I think it’s amusing that Amy can just flick all that off and say, “that is so interesting.” Before Amy said that, as Howard was explaining about how he (and other guys) find her “sexy” but don’t know how they feel about it, she had an expression that made me feel as though she reveled in it. I don’t think Amy’s all that offended, or if she is, she’s hiding it well, because you know what? She was bullied at school, perhaps throughout her entire younger life, and now she’s this hot, charming figure that has apparently been every which way possible, gladly referring to herself as a “monogamous slut,” during the interview—I think Amy loves the attention.

Amy Schumer

In a way, Amy is showing us that those women—the “regular women” who don’t look like they came straight out of a Play Boy magazine—can be a hot commodity, too. Amy might well be somewhat of a role model to other women out there who feel like they are underappreciated, visually, simply because they don’t meet that impossibly perfect criteria we get slapped across out faces by the media. Amy isn’t super skinny, she doesn’t have enormous breasts, and whatever else us men look for these days, but she uses what she has, and she uses it well.

Amy doesn’t seem to hide who she is, either. During the interview, Howard asked her whether she has any cellulite, an unusually personal question, but then he was not long asking her very personal, sexual questions. Amy replied honestly, saying that she does have some, but that it isn’t, “gross.”

Something Amy said really made me think, because honestly—hand up high—I am totally guilty of this. Howard was explaining to Amy that he was unsure about a dress she wore a while back for a show she did, given that it was rather, … appealing, shall we say; she looked fantastic and showed plenty of skin. This is what Amy had to say:

Because people see a female comedian, and they’re just like, yawn, and what else is on. Uh, but they see a chick—that’s kind of interesting to look at, and you see some skin, and at least you’ll stay tuned and listen to what she has to say, and then win them over. That’s my total thought process.

This is valuable, guys, because look what we’re doing to women, without even realising it. I’ve always thought of myself as the sort of guy who doesn’t drag his knuckles around everywhere, but it’s how she dressed and her overall looks that drew me in, followed by the stuff that’s actually important on a deeper level. Guilty! On the other hand, I’m sure women do the very same thing with us.

I’m looking forward to seeing how Amy’s career evolves over the years.

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Windows 10 Notification in the Windows 8.1 System Tray

Before I begin, “Windows 10 is coming on 29 July 2015,” to quote Microsoft on the Q&A page of their website. For those that don’t know, the offer explained below is open for a year after release, after which we have to pay for it.

I had mostly kept my distance from Windows 10, thinking it’d just be another mess that would take ages to fix, and end up a PR mess, but I saw my way to being excited when I saw the following on the system tray:

Windows 10

Windows 10 Download,” the highlighted item reads, followed by, “Reserve Free Upgrade,” “Run Windows Update,” and “Get to Know Windows 10.” I say, Microsoft, you sure do know how to whet my appetite.

Upon clicking the download option, we’re met with a nice little window:

Windows 10 2

This window tells us that this free Windows 10 upgrade can be reserved and the download will begin when the upgrade is actually available. Apparently, you can also cancel the reservation at any time, so fear not, if you change your mind, it’s all good. The window also states that the free upgrade is for the full version, and not a test version. I would assume that to be obvious, since you can already freely download the Technical Preview of Windows 10. The download will be 3GB in size, which will fit nicely onto a DVD, assuming they’ll make the ISO available.

Once you’ve set your reservation, you are you to wait for a notification, after which Windows 10 will be downloaded onto your device. Once available, and presumably downloaded, you can carry out the installation another time or immediately.

Microsoft tell us here, “Viel spaß,” German for “Have fun.” I’m not sure if I should make a sarcastic comment about how we’ll probably all have a severe headache on launch day, as opposed to actual fun … oh wait, I just did. After the installation, you’ll have Windows 10 as is currently available.

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. If you don’t have Windows 7 or 8.1, then I suppose this will be an interesting read, otherwise I imagine you’ll have already read in on the window itself!

Are you excited for Windows 10?

If you observed the white title bar text atop the black border, then perhaps you might be interested in knowing how to do that. Head on over to The Return of Black within Windows 8.1, to learn how to make your cheerful Windows 8.1 go to the dark side.


Apologies, I completely missed the arrow that revealed more information!

In a nut-shell, it’s Windows selling their product; making it sound super hot. To translate the German I’m seeing: “Windows 10 is trusted and user-friendly,” Microsoft claim. “The start menu is here again and with that you can use a mouse, keyboard, or touchpad.” Apparently you’ll find, “all the trusted features and much more.”

Microsoft are claiming that Windows 10 “starts and wakes up from standby quickly,” which, to be fair, is exactly what we already have with Windows 8.1—my copy of Windows 8.1, with decent hardware and an SSD, boots up and logs in from nothing extremely quickly, and as far as standby is concerned, well, it typically wakes up and goes to sleep faster than I can sit down and stand up.

Microsoft are showing off the multitasking and ability to have 4 windows on one screen; big deal! We’ve been doing that for ages. Come on, Microsoft, show off something new. Windows 8.1 already lets you tile 4 windows neatly on the screen. Surely people don’t want to buy the same old crap—stick with the new stuff that shows it’s worth the upgrade.

Windows 10 is apparently, “full of innovations.” Microsoft says, like Cortana, your, “entirely personal, digital assistant.” Riiiiight—because we’ve never seen a personal assistent before! Totally innovative, Microsoft. Bravo. I’ll try to hold my pessimism, but it strikes me as a lot easier to do things the normal way, rather than faffing about with some “entirely personal, digital assistant,” that may or may not work reliably.

For those of you interested in apps, Windows 10 looks like it’s going app-crazy. This Windows 10 Download window isn’t really saying anything about what the new app features or the new apps actually are, but I was impressed by their claim of having 47,000,000 popular music titles on the app store, films in HD, TV series, and of course games.

So, that’s really it! We’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

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