My Take on the YouTube Channel: Vsauce

“And as always, thanks for watching.” – Michael

Hosted and created by none other than Michael Stevens, this mind-blowing, educational channel of wonder and discovery has captivated me since the very first video I ever done seen. Vsauce, one of three holding this name, (Vsauce, Vsauce2, and Vsauce3) has a subtle yet amusing tone, and an intellectual ooze that is neither pretentious nor arrogant. As of May 2015, Vsauce, created during the Summer of 2010, boasts almost nine-million subscribers and over eight-hundred-million total views—outstanding!

An image taken from the video, Mistakes, while Michael explains that the history of science is a

I have found Vsauce easy to follow, mostly as a result of Michael’s wonderful explanations and amusing or intriguing digressions that he uses to capture the minds of all sorts of people who might otherwise drift off. I find Michael to be a very talented public speaker and a glaringly charismatic man. The way Michael interacts with the camera is an art-form in itself; he draws you in to the mystery and wonder, with engaging body language and consistently clear speech that ensures you stay focused.

It’s not all about the in-your-face content, either. The music, “except for BiDiPi and some of Vsauce’s older videos,” Wiki explains, has always, “been composed by Jake Chudnow,” and is absolutely fantastic, without being too distracting. One of the “most recognizable pieces” of Jake’s music is Moon Men, which is often played in the background of Vsauce, whenever something particularly  profound or mind-boggling arises.

Michael explains what vicarious embarrassment is.

Vsauce has tackled some fascinating subjects, such as, “The Science of Awkwardness,” prefacing this video with this one, totally on-point question: “But what is awkwardness, why is it good, and who is—the main character of the universe?” I was particularly taken back by Dord, a video in which Michael begins by teaching us that Dord “was an accidental word for 13 years,” after which it had its “wordship revoked.” It doesn’t matter what Michael talks about, he always seems to find a way to suck me in.

Michael frequently offers up rhetorical questions that prompt the viewer’s imagination into action. Clearly knowing his stuff, Michael lays down the skills of persuasion thick, as Vsauce endeavors to grab your attention, hoping to get you thinking, to get you interested, and more importantly, to get you coming back for more!

DA FOREST – an excellent way to be mindful of what’s important when working a speech,  consisting of: Direct address, Alliteration, Facts, Opinions, Rhetorical questions, Emotive language, Statistics, and Trippling, all of which Michael uses very well. It’s easy to see why Vsauce is so popular, with its masterful speeches, fantastic music, and thought-provoking questions.

If you love to learn about new, wonderful things, Vsauce is the channel for you, but be warned, it’s addictive!

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