I Think I’m Anti-Christian

I’ve wanted to talk about this for a few days now, but for fear of causing an almighty ruckus, I decided to try to leave it be, that is, until now. I can already feel the warmth of all the Christian blood boiling, as I prepare for a torrent of, “You’re going to hell, non-believer!”

The crux of it all, is that I’m angry. One of my well-groomed pet-peeves is being pressured and/or manipulated into something; I guess nobody likes that, eh? I was christened as a baby, so I never really had the chance to say, “Hang on a tick, this ain’t for me.” I was forced to go to church, unsurprisingly. I was forced into religious education at secondary school, and I was also forced to go to some sort of religious education establishment for young children. Lots of force and pressure for something for which I never asked; how is this justified, and how is this a belief of my own? I was essentially brain-washed before I even had a fully developed brain.

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I am considerably indifferent, where religion is concerned, generally, but there’s something about Christianity, specifically, that has increasingly got on my nerves. I try not to generalize, where people are concerned, because we’re not all exactly the same; that’s all very well and wonderful, but when almost every Christian you’ve come across has been arrogant, condescending, abusive, or just plain full of faeces, you kind of stand up and take notice; it muddies my opinion, thus making it harder to be objective.

I’m a logical, rational person, … most of the time, so when I look at religion, I see many aspects worth questioning, such as the following:

  • We need answers in life; that’s how we work. Unfortunately, this obsession results in us looking for answers where there never were any. Take pareidolia, for example, which is commonly, “seeing images of animals or faces in clouds,” to quote Wiki. Basically, we see what we want to see, and we all interprate things differently.
  • Excuse the pun, but it’s rather soul-destroying to consider the possibility that when we die, we die and that’s it. We’re wired to cope; to survive. We have coping mechanisms like you wouldn’t believe! We’ll laugh, cry, rage, lie, and sometimes do nothing at all; you see it with grief all the time, so what’s to say religion is exempt from this particularly evident fact of humanity?
  • We already know that stories often get twisted over time, and with each person through which it passes, the story gets further contorted until it barely resembles what it once was. Is it not then perfectly plausible that the Bible(s) consists of nothing but grossly misconstrued stories and ideologies of a time since long passed? What if a man of the very distant future finds a bible in the ruins of what was once our great civilisation, only to discover it’s a barely legible copy of an old misogynistic magazine; does that then mean the magazine would be its own Bible?

Is God a megalomaniac? I ask myself whether these stories simply derive from a man who lived in a time without the psychological understanding we have today; a man who suffered from several mental health issues, such as narcissistic personality disorder. Perhaps Jesus suffered with delusions and hallucinations which resulted in him pinning unfounded meaning to them, due to the limited medical understanding at the time. It’s easy to come up with logical reasoning to debate Christianity, and I would wager also other religions, but the rebuttal from the Christian crowd is typically weak, ambiguous, and without evidence or often even plausibility.

Banner 2This debate has gone on for many, many years for a good reason: there are simply far too many holes in religion that make it incredibly difficult to not only be factual, but evidential. An inference is an observation, notion, or assumption based on evidence, which is something we can all do when it comes to religion, but has anybody given any actual evidence? I’m afraid faith is not evidence, either; as far as I’m concerned, it’s a cop-out.

Why the big, hairy, sumo balls should we need a dusty old tome to show us right from wrong, anyway? Are we so depraved that this is what we need in order to keep us on the straight and narrow? Damn, I best stop raping and murdering, ’cause Bible says so!

God will allegedly sentence you to the infamous hell for simply having a different belief to him. It seems somewhat inappropriate to condemn someone to an eternity of pain and anguish purely because they don’t see things the same way—essentially saying uniquity and freedom of thought is an entirely bad thing—regardless of whether they are a good or bad person.

I lost my “faith” at 16 years old, when I finally realised that “God” wasn’t going to “save” me, nor was he “watching over” me. It was painful to realise that, you know what, crap happens in life, and that’s just the way it is, but sometimes good things happen, too!

But hey, I’m just an unenlightened individual awaiting eternal damnation by your benevolent God, you know, because he loves me.

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One thought on “I Think I’m Anti-Christian

  1. I know I’m anti-christian, anti-religious. I believe in a god thou, but its not the gods they try to sell…


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