Brand New and Squeaky Clean

Almost half one in the morning is absolutely a solid time to begin a project, right? Of course!

My name is JoeBlogs; well, no it isn’t, but it works just fine.

I’ve amassed rather a lot of thoughts within this big—but not too big—head of mine. I want to share with you the crazy, the happy, and the downright ridiculous nuggets of brain juice that gush out of every oraphice on my skull.

Read me loud and clear: there shall be ample amounts of brain juice!

I am entirely new to blogging, … well, that’s not “entirely” correct, as I have often typed gibberish out onto Facebook and other social sites. What? You meant to tell me that’s completely different? Guess I’m new after all.

So, enough of the unpleasantries—what sort of topics are you to expect from this blog?

  • You know, I’m only human, and as such, I feel emotions! I know, it’s truly remarkable, but with this power comes great responsibility, … to rant and vent like an angry keyboard warrior. I will likely brush upon some sensitive topics, and I apologise in advance if I offend you.
  • I’m somewhat into things of a computer nature, and have been for a great many years, so I will likely don my freaky geeky glasses, initiate Thuper Lithp mode, and begin to educate you fine people, occasionally getting some stuff wrong on the way.
  • I’ve been a guitarist for something like 13 years now, and so, there’s a pretty decent chance that I’ll blabber on about that side of things, eventually.
  • I do have some strong opinions about general things in life, including things like religion; there’s a good chance I’ll share these opinions once in a while!
  • German is my second language, and it’s quite the passion of mine! Don’t be surprised if you come across a blog entry of me talking about language learning, the German culture, how I’m progressing, and various other things.

Do make yourself feel comfy, have a drink by your side, perhaps some food, and get ready to enter the mind of TwT, for I doubt I’ll run out of things to blither and bleet on about. I will endeavor to post at least once a week.

Before I end this entry, I want to just apologise in advance for the ads. I loathe ads, but they are a requirement so long as I am doing this for free. If things pick up, which is my aim, then I’ll definitely consider paying for the bells and whistles, in order to make Taut with Thought look more professional—I hope you understand!

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